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Cerebral Palsy: Many Reasons to be Hopeful… and One “Remarkable” Program
Episode 1115th March 2023 • Health Care on the Horizon • Jeff Ostroff
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Hi everybody!

Do or you someone you know have cerebral palsy (CP)? It’s a lifelong disabling condition that usually begins at birth and affects millions of people all over the world. The good news is that, according to my guest expert, progress is being made toward improving the lives of those who have CP— and possibly even preventing or limiting the impact of CP in the future. That guest expert is Michael Pearlmutter, Executive Director of Cerebral Palsy Research Alliance Foundation (CPARF).

On this episode, Michael will discuss such things as (1) how many people around the world have CP, (2) how this condition differs in various parts of the world, (3) what causes CP, and (4) how does CP present itself. Most importantly, you'll hear about some of the wonderful advancements that are being made to help prevent CP, mitigate its impact, or help those with CP lead a better quality of life. You'll also get a great tip from Michael on how those who have CP-- and their loved ones or caregivers-- can better manage this condition.

Now a little more about Michael. Michael Pearlmutter is a proven nonprofit leader, relationship builder, and perspective changer. Harnessing scientific research to change lives energizes him, and he is excited to bring his experience, ingenuity, and drive to Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation, where he can make a difference for the 18 million people with CP worldwide.

Prior to joining CPARF, Michael served as the Executive Director of the Partnership for Clean Competition Research Collaborative. In that role, he developed, directed, and drove the strategy for the largest anti-doping research organization in the world. He established a prosperous fundraising model that included global partnerships, cultivated relationships with scientists, helped build a Scientific Advisory Board with more than 300 years of collective experience, and revolutionized the organization’s grant administration process — all while shaping the organization into a thought leader in its space and strengthening relationships with the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, the US Anti-Doping Agency, Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Hockey League, the PGA TOUR, and others.

Michael also previously served as the Executive Director of the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership, a multi-partisan nonprofit educational organization. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in quantitative economics from the United States Naval Academy.

Michael served in the US Navy as a submarine officer before earning his Masters in Business Administration from Babson College. He's a proud husband to Kim and devoted father to twins Emme and Holden. You can reach Michael and learn much more about CP, CPARF, and how to take advantage of CPARF's resources-- or provide those to CPARF-- by visiting

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