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Spark of Rebellion, A Star Wars Show - Garry Aylott & Mark Asquith, Rebel Base Media EPISODE 50, 4th April 2020
What's the Next Star Wars Movie? Our Dream Movies, TV Shows & Ideas for a Galaxy Far, Far Away

What's the Next Star Wars Movie? Our Dream Movies, TV Shows & Ideas for a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The Skywalker Saga is complete and, whilst we learn more and more about the characters made famous within the saga through books, comics and more, it's time to look ahead to what's next for Star Wars on both the big and the small screens.

In this episode, Garry and Mark deep-dive into what they'd like to see next from Disney in the Star Wars galaxy, why we need something perhaps a little more edgy and some of the challenges that face the mega-corp when it comes to marketing anything non-Skywalker to the world as it is today.

This is Spark of Rebellion, the weekly Star Wars podcast for casual fans and veterans alike.

We are your hosts, Garry and Mark and every single Saturday we release a brand new episode bringing you Star Wars news, reviews & discussion, our famous "top threes" and of course, the random spotlight, where we highlight a character, place, ship, object or something else peculiar from a galaxy far, far away.

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Now, go explore and may the Force be with you... always!

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