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Soul Led Leaders With Clare Josa - Clare Josa EPISODE 25, 2nd July 2021
Don’t Tell Me To Be Resilient! Why Classic Resilience Causes Burnout – And What We Need Instead
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Don’t Tell Me To Be Resilient! Why Classic Resilience Causes Burnout – And What We Need Instead

Do you feel like you're running on empty, and that nothing seems to top up your batteries any more? Is it getting harder to concentrate and easier to make mistakes?

Do you find your fuse is shorter than ever and that smaller things are stressing you out? And if one more person tells you to be resilient they might find that the 'bouncing back' is at the end of your virtual fist? You are not alone!

In this episode of the Soul Led Leaders podcast you'll discover why, far from being the antidote to burnout, classic resilience actually causes it, and the five-step solution we need, instead.

What You'll Cover Today On Why Classic Resilience Causes Burnout:

  • What burnout is - and what it isn't
  • Why it's not a sign of weakness
  • The three pillars of burnout
  • The problem with classic resilience and why it's not the antidote to burnout
  • Insider secret: how classic resilience causes burnout
  • Why the opposite of being burnt out is not turning into a couch potato
  • The five-step solution we need instead

Show notes & additional resources: www.ClareJosa.com/soulledleaders/25/

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