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Exploring Sabbaticals for Business Leaders: Part 2
Episode 78th November 2022 • The Ethical Business Podcast • Marmion
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In this episode, Janet and Matt continue their exploration of sabbaticals, discussing the benefits for leaders and employees alike.

They speak to Mark Granger, the operations director for Centric Talent, who took time away from the office to sail from mainland Spain to Eastern Greece.

Mark tells us how this transformative experience improved his mental health by changing his perspective on work. He discusses how he now feels more relaxed even after returning to his role. He has managed to maintain this calmness by reminiscing on memories of “the sun rising in the morning” and even “a little turtle swimming in the water”.

By exploring the anxieties and fears many people face when looking into the prospect of taking time out, Matt, Janet and Mark find that they are often self-imposed. It is in fact possible for anyone to challenge the expectation of working five days a week until retirement, and to instead take a break to explore new challenges, regardless of your role.

Ultimately “no man is an island”.

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