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Migraine Talks - Migraine Canada EPISODE 1, 1st May 2021
S01E01 - Treating a migraine attack
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S01E01 - Treating a migraine attack

Everyone living with migraines need options to treat the attack.

Dr. Leroux clarifies the six main classes of medication and how they work. We will go over some basic and essential tips to deal with migraine attacks. When to treat them, what medications to combine and how often you can use them to avoid the ever-present risk of medication overuse? Find the answers in this podcast!

Nb. If you’re looking for information regarding severe attacks, check episode n.2. Refractory migraines are addressed in episode n.5. For non-medication options, stay tuned for our other episodes and have a look at our Migraine Tree!

LINK: https://migrainecanada.org/the-migraine-tree/acute-treatments/