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Migraine Talks - Migraine Canada EPISODE 8, 15th September 2021
S01E08 - Mental health and migraines
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S01E08 - Mental health and migraines

As our social environment often reinforces inaccurate perceptions of migraines, it can be a very isolating condition which sometimes engulfs those living it in a vicious circle of anxiety and depression. Social worker and support group leader Susan Cape offers valuable insights from her ongoing research on access to care and shares valuable advice on self-care.

We’ll explore the challenges of communication within clinical settings and their many ramifications, especially when lesser-known symptoms such as vestibular symptoms are experienced.

Nb. If you’d like to hear more on vestibular migraine or other kinds of lesser-known headache categories, let us know in the comments.

LINK: https://migrainecanada.org/posts/the-migraine-tree/roots/migraine-categories/vestibular-migraine/

LINK: https://migrainecanada.org/posts/the-migraine-tree/branches/self-care-lifestyle/relaxation-why-should-people-with-migraine-use-it/

LINK: https://migrainecanada.org/posts/the-migraine-tree/branches/self-care-lifestyle/cognitive-behavioural-therapy-is-it-a-good-option-to-improve-migraine/