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Burning Bridges with Bridgeburner - In The Keep 7th February 2021
#02 GeneralVivi (Prodeus)
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#02 GeneralVivi (Prodeus)

Jason Mojica (GeneralVivi) is the chief level designer behind the retro first-person shooter game Prodeus. Prior to setting out on his own, Jason made a name for himself in the AAA games industry working at companies like Gearbox, Overkill Software, Irrational Games & Raven Software. // Jason Mojica: https://twitter.com/generalvivi // Prodeus: https://www.prodeusgame.com/ // Bridgeburner: https://twitter.com/Bridgeburner4 // In The Keep: https://inthekeep.com/ //

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#02 GeneralVivi (Prodeus)
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