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Tea & Contemplation - Being Tea + Adam Grossi 17th September 2021
Nourishing Energy, ep 3 of 4 - "What are we havesting?"

Nourishing Energy, ep 3 of 4 - "What are we havesting?"

Our September theme is Nourishing Energy. Our sense of energy is so dynamic. At times we may feel full of a zest for life, brimming with vitality, and at other times we might find that, despite eating well and getting plenty of sleep, we can't seem to escape a feeling of depletion and exhaustion. This is especially common heading into the autumn season, when many routines and schedules shift all over again. Clearly, energy is a complex field, and in this month's sessions, we'll explore how we can navigate it skillfully.

This week's session :

"What are we harvesting?" It sometimes feels as though our present experience is the inevitable result of circumstances, but the truth may be more slippery. A popular way of expressing this in contemplative practice is the analogy of seeds - the seeds that we nourish within ourselves. What role are we playing in what is arising within us? What do we choose to harvest and fill ourselves with?


Tea & Contemplation is hosted by Suzette (‘Sooz’) Hammond - tea educator, tea contemplative practitioner, and founder of Being Tea - and Adam Grossi - artist, writer and yoga teacher –both based in Chicago, IL. You can connect with Adam on IG @adamgrossi and Sooz on IG @beingtea.

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