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What Did You Expect? - Episode 014
Episode 1427th March 2023 • True Tails Fishing Podcast • John Mauser
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I hear it all the time from anglers coming to sightcast Redfish here in North Carolina... "Wow, this is harder than I thought!" As someone who deals with these fish day after day, I accepted the fact that they are a challenging species a long time ago. They are on the move, weave in and out of structure, spook at the slightest disturbance, appear out of nowhere, and vanish in an instant. That's what makes them awesome! You are constantly learning with shallow water Redfish, they teach you something every time you cast to one, and they force you to become a better angler. Unfortunately, they have been sold to the unsuspecting angler as a easy saltwater fish on fly. I absolutely disagree, especially if you an angler coming from the world of freshwater fly fishing. If you expect easy, you will be humbled and dissapointed. If you expect a fish that will challenge you, and make you a better angler, then you are on the right path.


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