The Inevitability of Your Success
Episode 12815th March 2023 • To Succeed... Just Let Go • Willie Horton
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When you realise or become aware of the fact that your gut instinct is nudging you in a particular direction, there is an inevitability, sooner or later, that you will move in that direction. Your task is to do the inevitable sooner rather than later.

That "short circuiting" of the process comes from presence of mind. And, in order to appreciate what can and does happen when we have that presence of mind, we take a detour, in this episode, into the world of my inevitable, the move to France, tennis and tennis stars!

I can assure you, the detours are worth it!

Ultimately, I attempt to bring everything back down to the fundamentals of life in this episode - there's a sentence that I repeat twice because of it's importance: when we effortlessly do the inevitable, we will inevitably get what's best for us... or words to that effect!!

The key thing is that, as good grace and the flow of life would have it, all this is completely in your own hands. What wonderful news that is!

And, if you might be fearful of the potential within as a result of that realisation, don't worry - as this episode explains, you don't need to be brave or courageous to do the inevitable... it feels like it just happens because... it is effortless.