Investing Your Energy and Attention... In Your Own Life
Episode 628th December 2021 • To Succeed... Just Let Go • Willie Horton
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It's a simply choice - there are only two alternatives - we're not talking about some complex multiple-choice question: do you want to stay dead or do you want to start living your life to the full?

Tough decision!

In this episode, we'r exploring the flow of energy and attention - how the normal mind directs our attention and energy back in on ourselves until we end up buried up our own nether regions!!

Actually, though, we're exploring what happens when you stop feeding the beast of your own self-defeating thoughts and start investing your energy in the flow of universal energy in the only place and time that you can... the here and now.

Do that and you start turning up to your own life. Do that and you begin to experience (not just understand or realise!) that all the annoyance, frustration, worry and stress of everyday life doesn't actually exist anywhere other than in your own head.

More importantly, when you invest your attention and energy outwards, you let the real you out too... and what a life-changing difference that makes.