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To Succeed... Just Let Go - Willie Horton EPISODE 43, 28th July 2021
Stories and Masks - You are Not Who You Think You Are
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Stories and Masks - You are Not Who You Think You Are

We're great at telling stories - in ancient times that was how knowledge was passed down the generations. But that is not what this episode is about! It's about how great we are at telling stories about ourselves... and believing them!

These stories create the masks that enable us flexibly move through our everyday lives - or do they? Because they only make our lives more difficult by further distancing us from an experience of the reality of the moment, the here and now where real life is actually happening.

If real life is happening now, the real you had better turn up. But this is where the biggest mask of all stops us in our tracks. It's a mask we don't think of as a mask at all... we think it is really us. And that is what is holding you back - that is what is getting in your own way - who you think you are.

This episode is about discovering who you really are. It is about engaging with and experiencing the real world in the here and now. It is about letting go of the thoughts that hold you back. It is about starting to live your life your way right now.