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To Succeed... Just Let Go - Willie Horton EPISODE 37, 16th June 2021
How Best to Look After Your Self
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How Best to Look After Your Self

You are the most important person in your life - you need to look after your Self.

Yes, I don't mean look after who you think you are - I mean your real Self - the wonderful you full of all that potential.

So, we're not talking about being selfish - although we are talking about pampering yourself! We're not talking about boosting your self-esteem or enhancing your self-confidence - they are all about making who you think you are feel better about... who you think you are!

We're talking about state of mind - the only state of mind worth being in... calm, clear, focused, present, here, now.

So pamper yourself - give yourself the luxury of half an hour to re-mind yourself of the primary importance of you.