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Stephanie says 'I was very scared history would repeat itself and that I may die from bowel cancer and leave you without a Mum.'
Episode 3328th April 2023 • The Bottom Line Podcast • Bowel Cancer Australia
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In a special Mother’s Day episode, 14-year old Angus reverses roles and steps in as guest host to interview his Mum, Stephanie.

Only two when Stephanie was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer, Angus delves into how his Mum’s diagnosis impacted their family. In a frank and honest conversation, Stephanie shares her fear of facing a similar fate to her mother, who died from ovarian cancer when she was just 20, and the very real possibility of leaving Angus motherless.

Big believers in the power of positivity and the importance of surrounding yourself with a support network, this warm but powerful conversation between mother and son is a must listen.

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