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How to Start a Business While Working Full-Time: Practical Tips for Balancing Your Career and Business with Coach Simi
Episode 4631st March 2023 • Mama Turned Mompreneur - Monetize a podcast | Start a podcast | Work from home moms • Andria Singletary | Podcast Manager, Podcast Strategist
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Hey, Mama! Do you have a full-time job but desire to start a business? Maybe you're currently working a 9-5 and running a business on the side. In today's episode, I chat with Coach Simi about how to start a business while working full-time. Simi shares her tips for successfully managing her home and business while working full-time.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Coach Simi's journey: how to start a business while working full-time
  • Coach Simi's routine for dedicating time to her business while still being present for her family and job
  • Practical tips for starting and running a business while working a 9-5

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