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Art of Marriage - Exploring Humility (Part 1)
Episode 152nd February 2023 • Connect2 • Focus on the Family Singapore
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“What we’ve discovered in marriage is that humility is about honouring each other.”  

In the first episode of the Art of Marriage – Exploring Humility, join our host Joanna Koh-Hoe and marriage trainers Mark and Aye Lan as they share stories of how they each grew in their understanding of humility and gradually learnt to exercise it in their marriage.  


As we begin the new year, some of us are stepping into new seasons in life. Couples who are newly married or thinking of getting married can learn handles to walk into the next chapter of their lives with the Connect2 Marriage Preparation workshop.  

In this Connect2 workshop participants can learn to:  

  • Understand what love, marriage and your vows symbolise  
  • Identify each other's differences and love languages — how to engage in effective communication  
  • Manage healthy conflict and have a good grasp on your family finances               
  • Understand sexual intimacy, the importance of romance and family planning  

Start a new chapter well with Connect2 Marriage Preparation workshop . Couples can look forward to two weekday online sessions and one onsite session on a Saturday.  

Wednesdays, 22 & 29 March and Saturday, 1 April. 

Thursdays, 4 & 11 May and Saturday, 20 May.

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