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Trailer29th October 2022 • Success After Barber School • Tim Retic
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Welcome to the Success After Barber School Podcast.

Where we give advice to new and seasoned barbers on how to reach 6 figure incomes through training, mentoring and coaching. 

Each episode will feature a successful barber  that will share their journey  and struggles in becoming a barbering mogul. 

We are creating a fraternal order that will span well beyond our lifetime and allow us to connect with new and established trends in our industry, 

Hosted by me, Mr. T.I.M. founder and owner of Forever Faded Barbershop. 

Hop on the email list to get updates on the show and live notifications for the newest trends or to be featured on the show as the Barber Spotlight of the week. 

If you’re new in our industry or old in our industry and are ready to join the top 1% in earning a six-figure income, this is the show for you. 

Let’s go, Let’s GROW! 

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trailer Introducing Success After Barber School
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