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Healing in Hindsight™ - Taylor Daniele™ EPISODE 11, 14th January 2021
See ya later

See ya later

Part 2 of the season finale. Straight up my allergies were killing me. Forgive my extra nasally sound. I promise I didn’t snot on the mic. 

It’s bittersweet but I’m so proud of what I’ve created and the amazing people who took the time to share their stories with me. Don’t worry I’ll be back soon. I’m going to come back better than ever and hope that all the fun things that I’m bringing to you are well received. Thank you so much for listening and continuing to support. 

With Love and Power

Taylor Daniele


  1. Future of the show
  2. Looking for new guests for season 3
  3. Hosting rooms on Clubhouse
  4. Making video podcasting consistent 
  5. Digital product dreams
  6. Special thank you’s

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