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Public Sector Marketing Show - Joanne Sweeney EPISODE 14, 6th May 2021
2021 Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit
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2021 Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit

Would you consider yourself digital and social media savvy? Or does digital and social media marketing scare you? 

Right now, you might feel behind the digital transformation curve and hindered by the delivery of effective digital communications in your organisation. 

But let me reassure you, you are only missing 10% of what you need. You have 90% - which means public sector instinct, understanding of public policy, politics and public diplomacy.

But what I can give you are the digital and social media skills, competencies and confidence to bridge that 10% gap of being successful online. 

So in this show I’m going to focus on what you can do this year to bridge the knowledge and skills gaps and so we are going to focus on 

  • What you will learn at the 2021 Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit
  • Hear from public sector marketing pros from around the world who are mastering digital communications 
  • How to get the best tickets to the 2021 Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit which is going online for the first time  
  • How to get to speak on the Summit stage!


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The Public Sector Marketing Show is a weekly podcast dedicated to digital marketing and social media insights for government and public sector pros hosted by Joanne Sweeney, founder of the Public Sector Marketing Institute.

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