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Public Sector Marketing Show - Joanne Sweeney EPISODE 26, 29th July 2021
Best Bits, Bloopers and Bold Advice | Highlights from 25 Episodes of the Public Sector Marketing Show
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Best Bits, Bloopers and Bold Advice | Highlights from 25 Episodes of the Public Sector Marketing Show

I’ve been podcasting and publishing this show for six consecutive months. I’ll be honest it’s a big commitment to host a weekly social media show and podcast, but I understand the value of long-form content marketing and the value it provides to my community.

Joe Pullizi says that most creators give up after six months, when in fact it takes 9-15 months for your content marketing tribe to build and your content to convert.

This is not my first podcast outing. I hosted JSB Talks Digital for two and a half years before having a broadcasting hiatus.

So, coming up in Episode 26 of the Public Sector Marketing Show:

  • My Why for Public Sector Marketing
  • Best Bits from 25 Shows
  • I consider myself a one-take wonder when I’m in front of screen, but these bloopers might prove otherwise!
  • What topics do you want me to cover on the show?


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The Public Sector Marketing Show is a weekly podcast dedicated to digital marketing and social media insights for government and public sector pros hosted by Joanne Sweeney, founder of the Public Sector Marketing Institute.

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