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Episode 1624th November 2022 • Fellowship Of The Reel • Philip A. McClimon
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greetings realers my name is Philip and together with my wife Sherry and two of our friends Chris and James we're


Fellowship of the real four people who love talking about movies almost as much as we do watching


them we hope you will join us as we dig deep into cinematic masterpieces and some that are well maybe not


you have an opportunity to be the fifth host of our little show click the link in the show notes and leave us a voice


message telling us what movie you would like us to review you can also reach out on our Facebook


page Fellowship of the real from all of us at Fellowship of the real thanks for listening okay on with the


show are you recording this studying a movie in the mechanical level


I think it can really bring some revelation [Music] I believe that no one sets up to make


bad movie with the exception of on paper this should work I just don't


like it that's your own fault if you haven't seen it


scenes [Music] even the actors don't know what that


movie is about should I I wish I wrote that which I wrote the title with that


movie's trash well told me a man it's good for you all right Fellowship of the real four


friends of the movie This is another holiday pick Christmas uh movie for Christmas we did Halloween we got


one for Thanksgiving this is Christmas and this will Sherry reminded me this will close out what we're calling the


first season so we're going to take a break so if you're listening to these in order or if you see that there's a big gap it's because uh nobody wants to do


this during the holidays so uh starting the new year we'll pick up and we're actually recording the first show or the


first movie of the new season so to speak uh today but it like I said it won't drop till after the new year so


this is our Christmas and we'll mark the end of uh this first season which what is about 16 movies I think that's right


yeah 16. yeah so it should have come out we got 4-H off to check I'm pretty sure that's right yeah I think that's you


know what we was wondering what we decided to stop on this one was because it was time-wise for the year but also it


worked out nice where it was even right now this is your pick Chris right it is not James's pick so apparently and I've


never seen it it's not a lot of people's picks apparently which surprised me we'll get into a second yeah I yeah I'll


get into it but I was I went back and forth on picking this one or not I I literally said to my girlfriend at


dinner last night before this recording I was like I think Chris picked this to [ __ ] with us and then Philip said he


liked it and I was like maybe I'm the odd man out here maybe everybody else likes it but I thought you did like you


did with the mist of here's something a little more conscious maybe if it was in on the the [ __ ] with him Sherry and I


both liked it because I was watching it last because I fell asleep during during the first time but that's not because of the movies because I was just see what


we watched it late uh but she liked it and then I'm like okay and so I was in there watching it making my notes and


I'm like all right because I like Vince Vaughn I like his fast talk I like his that's the thing I don't like this yeah


I was worried about sharing I remember you said that you did yeah it's fun but I loved this movie yeah are you a Vince


Vaughn fan James uh in doses in the right and small doses yes like uh what


was it Wedding Crashers great uh the other one was Will Ferrell uh old school no he wasn't old he wasn't old school


yep yeah he was yeah so like stuff like that yeah the rings with the cigarette


hangers I just I like his his snark in his you know in your face on his face


he talks faster this movie being a family movie I know


that I read in some of the comments that fans of Vince Vaughn were like yes finally a family movie we can take our


family to and she's been on my favorite guy I think this is like the Sam Jackson not being able to cuss in another movie


it's like Vince Vaughn needs to be able to just rattle it off cuss be nasty be dirty and he couldn't do it in this


movie because it's a family movie right well it was almost borderline Bad Santa or Bad Grandpa though because it it was


family okay because it's Christmas but it was it treaded line in a couple places I thought yeah I think that was


what it was meant to be because it came out came out after elf came out after Bad Santa like it it felt like a


amalgamation of all these other Christmas movies that had come out previously like jingle all the way with


the the Santa Claus do you really yeah well see when you


when you said Fred's equally ridiculous is this one totally well you know we'll get into that why with my notes all


right who's in that one Arnold Schwarzenegger You Said Fred Claus and I was immediately thinking what that's a


turbo Mando I'm sorry yeah I was thinking that's the Tim Allen movie and and then when I pulled it up I said wait a minute that what is that's the Santa


Claus Santa Claus Santa Claus elf yeah it's like this movie is just all of them


yeah put into one I don't like Santa Claus two and three very much two is okay um three was really bad yeah with Martin


Short yeah and he's like Jack Frost or whatever um but the first one's good second one and then apparently Disney plus is like


I'm not rebooting it because it's Tim Allen but like it's gonna be like a show now but he's coming back to play Santa


Claus so I think that's kind of cool yeah if they do it right oh and speaking of that you know Buzz Lightyear without timel and Disney it's so weird yeah did


you watch it no I won't watch it yeah that's her own head move Disney you screwed the pooch yeah but it's supposed


to be like Tim Allen is is the character but this is the actor portraying okay


but if you bought a toy of say Schwarzenegger guess what voice that toy is gonna have Schwarzenegger's voice


well it's gonna have a good it sounds like I'm trying to do Sports unless they paid him okay but yeah yeah no I mean


because I was with you see Buzz Lightyear without Tim Allen and I think there's an argument for that because the movie bombs the same way you did but


then someone who was explaining like Sherry did like that was like your Tim Allen is the toy based off this app yeah


yeah and and Disney said we don't want to confuse the audience okay well you didn't confuse him you just oh you confused him because the movie didn't do


well yeah you saved them now I don't think it was the the lesbian kiss or whatever supposedly in it yeah or the


one no I don't think any of that mattered I'm going to see Buzz Lightyear I'm seeing timel you don't have Tim Allen you don't have my money I thought


that was a Miss as well like I like Chris Evans but yeah oh my God I'm like you got the wrong guy I wouldn't even


have a little Integrity dude this is not your character and nobody wants to hear your voice coming out of that guy I


don't know what his reasons were but like what I would say if they keep adding zeros you're gonna say no no no


they have enough I'll do my best to my own impression here we go Chris Evans doing a lot for his reputation after


Captain America he's trying to do more things yeah Knives Out was amazing you know it was amazing in that yeah I liked


him in that coming out with a new one there's at least two more of her yeah so but Chris Evans you know taking a swing


to be Buzz Lightyear was a Miss but I don't know I feel like it's from Disney Then Evans yeah I know because yeah they


should have kept Tim Allen um yeah so that the knives out or whatever it's on it's uh Netflix picked it up so it's


gonna be on Netflix okay I think it's coming out in the theater for like I don't know like a day or a week or something that's 100 to me yes to make


scorsesean Spielberg happy you know I think it's for an Oscar like because sure yeah any movie that's the nominated


has to be in Theatrical run and I've forgotten that the first night is out was nominated for a couple things yeah because I think it was initially just


supposed to be Netflix pay like a [ __ ] ton of money for it and yeah they got two more coming I'm looking yeah but that's that's


that's well that's politics entering it because an oscar-winning performance is is good on a small screen or a big


screen I don't I don't understand I don't know just playing yeah I agree no that's the old school rules right maybe


they'll change the rules yeah it's pretty people protecting the money which you know I understand about the theaters and all that but anyway all right so as


we're getting into this movie I was Prince I was perplexed about the genre of this movie and I settled on one that


you're probably like you probably have it picked and I I'm like I I think it may be this all


right so yeah I I kind of feel like that Fred Claus is a rite of passage


um yeah so you would I guess you'd text that earlier but um that wasn't my gut instinct at all and like when you said I


was like frankly so I looked at it and uh and I looked at I was thinking more of dude with a problem yeah right that's


what I would have thought but it I agree with you it fits right or passage better than than doing a problem yeah writers


we should talk about the differences and that way why we feel the you know yeah I'm gonna get to that okay but that's


bad news this there's nothing good on that page anyway


anyway so rite of passage involves a life problem which is in this case Santa Claus's


brother yeah he hates his brother yeah uh and and and frankly his parents seem to love favor the brother favor the


brother which has created some brothers a saint right I mean how how do you deal with that but anyhow well yeah uh anyway


and then there's a wrong way to attack the problem but obviously he has become completely dysfunctional and that is


yeah running away from the problem and hating yeah turning into uh absolute uh


hater of Christmas right and then a solution that involves acceptance of a hard truth the hero has been fighting obviously that happens and the knowledge


that it's the hero that must change not the world around him and and Vince Vaughn uh Fred says you were given some


bad advice uh the world you know I can't remember the quote the world is what it is uh but you uh looking up for yourself


yeah yeah that's it but you can't count on anybody look out for yourself that's the original right and then he says


which I think is the theme too but sure he says disregard that because you can make the world what you want by making


yourself what you want to be or whatever yeah so it's he at the end of the movie Vince Vaughn acknowledges Fred


acknowledges that you have to change not the world and that's that's the realization that a rite of passage


character has to come to you want to go you want to talk about dude do with the problem real quick because yeah I agree


with you I think it's right a passage but yeah so that that that kind of surprised me uh what's another rite of


passage type movie uh let's see there's something in there Kramer versus Kramer yeah never saw that one it might


actually be in the table of contents let's see uh again we can delete page turns out right


of passage a lot of these are older movies uh 10 with Dudley Moore I


remember when that came out that was or Ordinary People was one Ordinary People Kramer versus crater 28 days a zombie


movie right yeah right 28 days between days oh that's Sandra Bullock yeah that's where she's uh oh


um it's got 28 days 28 days 28 days is later right wasn't there 28 Days Later


28 Weeks Later they're working on a sub uh series 28 years 28 months later I


think is the next and then Napoleon Dynamite which I guess I can see I don't know I'd have to look at that Napoleon Dynamite to write a passage movie yeah


he breaks it down and says anyway but um uh because it's life problem and then a


wrong way of dealing with it and then accepting it right so I mean and that is kind of a broad thing right you could you could put a lot of movies in that


but um a lot of times it's like you know it's life problem right so it's been like Crisis or it's a divorce or it's a


death and or you know that kind of thing okay um the dude with the problem is an innocent hero no oh


uh our guy is not an innocent hero right I mean of course no I was thinking more I guess he is just playing I was


thinking like at the beginning when he's then when uh the prologue yes the prologue wins when Santa is born or


whatever Nick is uh born like Fred just money in his own business and here comes this and he promises to be the best


Brothers I mean right uh I I will talk about that because that to me is not the opening image anyway it doesn't matter I


don't agree that's not the opening image so again I think that's where that speaks to it not being a dude with a problem a sudden event thrusts are


innocent into the world of hurt uh that comes with that warning and maybe but the life or death battle is at


stake and the continued existence of the individual family group are society which the stakes were high but it was not life or death I mean it is the


continued existence of say North Pole Enterprises or whatever you want to call it but I I just uh yeah we'll get into


that yeah yeah there were there anyway yeah so I I because of this thing a bit we're going to start operating to the


South Pole uh I I now I guess uh I don't care what


people think about this Kevin Spacey he was found not guilty of whatever and I you know did something happen I don't


know um I missed that so he was yeah I'm not guilty thrown out it was um not well


it's not responsible what is whatever legal term not um yeah not not guilty but it's it was a Civil Trial or


something so anyway not responsible it was cleared up yeah so uh hold on uh I


was glad this is we're talking about him being accused of he said he said he uh made advances on this this young actor


guy back in the day and uh I found it speculative to begin with


especially because for their while there it was every third actor and it does


happen yes but regardless of that legally he is not responsible and so viable not liable right okay so yeah


hopefully because I've always loved Kevin Spacey and and I want to continue to love Kevin Spacey and I realized how


much I missed him in this movie I do too so I'm hoping that uh that it is true


that he didn't do any of that and that he can get back in the saddle because he is a real contributor to some really


good material anyway uh so yeah I think I think it's a rite of passage a great problem the wrong way and a solution my


good thing about it was was uh the other one do the problem but yeah it fits right of passage much more so this would


be our first rite of passage yes correct through me too we've done like I counted


them six of our 16 movies so far it was like six or fifteen I've been monster in


the house like six movies


but yeah I like that we should keep uh I hadn't even thought about that we should 100 stay like keep a running tally well


and then look at it for next year and see you know what uh you know how it plays so what I do Golden Fleece yeah


it'd be interesting to see if yeah one make sure we do them all like you're saying but it just I guess I'm curious to see like if we like one genre more


than another you know yeah yeah well um this would be a good play like if we were being sponsored this would be an


excellent place to plug for your podcast needs you know so because that's what I use but in Captivate you


can make what they call collections so you can actually take episodes and take the RSS feed and add it to a list and then it generates by genre yeah and it


generates a a web page so you can actually click on that link and it will only bring up like so and that's why I


do it so like James if you wanted to have your girlfriend Listen to Only your picks you could click your link which is


in the show notes it's in the show notes click your link and it'll bring up all of your choices of any four of my


choices all four well yes but it in in 35 years there'll be a thousand of you and you also do that with like passes


and recommends and stuff uh I could I have not set up that way but we can all I do is create a list called pass and


then add the ones that we passed on yeah uh yes you could generate really in tune with you know with you know one of us


for some reason right like then they could you know look at all or yeah passes as well I don't want to watch that [ __ ] yeah three or four of those


guys are [ __ ] but that's Sherry boy she knows what's going on exactly what I'm saying um you're right yeah so I broke I've


gotten really uh crazy about this I've got like like I don't know 60 lists okay


at year was this this is what:


eady I I create a list called:


I've made a list for that year and added that movie to it nice cool so I have like 50 lists yeah because you got like


business fun movies you guys yeah so uh you know yes Kevin Costner will have a


list the writer will have a list so like I said I usually go writer director the top two or three major actors the year


the guy who picked it uh whatever else comes to mind but there's like 50 lists


and each one of those will have a link no we're not going to publish all 50 of those links but yeah but say say it's


Vince Vaughn's birthday and we have six movies by Vince Vaughn we could we could say on the podcast hey we've you know celebrate Vince Vaughan's Birthday Click


that link click this link yeah that kind of thing get it on Facebook Twitter yeah so uh the only ones I've included are


are our lists but and we can do anything anyway uh so the the bad news on the


page okay yeah money money critics yeah I was like we all these ran like I


forgot what we were doing okay yeah so rite of passage first one I think it fits uh so that'll go on a new list


anyway yes money critics fans I am a sucker for the fields as Chris


said so there's a saying that your movie can suck for the first hour and a half but if the last 20 minutes are good


you've got them and I think well I enjoyed the whole movie I like Vince Vaughn but James and a lot of other


people did not and I was kind of surprised at how low these scores were right so this came out I wasn't


surprised at all no I understand that uh 21 of the critics gave this three stars


and 40 only 45 of the fans so over half the fans and essentially three-fourths


of the critics hated this movie uh you know I I that surprised me and that


that's why when you said you liked it so much I had to make my notes because I had to pinpoint why I didn't like it


sure and I think I've narrowed it down why but we'll get into that as we break down the story and yeah I think I think


I figured it out okay I don't like it specifically uh now this movie cost 100


million dollars that's surprising yeah that's high but I was thinking that too like like I was like man that's really


hard for what was in the movie but also I guess I think the might be willing to bet it's who was in the movie sure oh


you got oh my gosh yeah uh yes Vince Vaughn and then Kathy Bates


yes and then Rachel wise yeah um that is yourself I think because she'd already done Mummy at this point so she could


you know yes and yes like all these had already done and all these actors that didn't like it's like this is the first


movie they'd already done stuff so they could demand a higher paycheck yes I think that's probably where the money went uh 100 million dollars and uh it


fell shy of making that back so 72 million domestic 25 million International for a total worldwide of


97 838 349 so they lost 3 million on this no so people hated it and it didn't


make any money they got my money yeah they got three more dollars last


night or the night before so yeah you gonna say something sorry well before you start talking about the movie I


think we should just um discuss it's called the internet


that's a phone Sherry what is it the synopsis oh the synopsis


yeah because I had never seen the movie I had no clue what it was about I noticed that yeah I thought it was


completely like when he when Chris said Fred Claus I'm like oh yeah Tim Allen movie and it's not I I when I pulled


this up I'm like what is that despite the 100 million budget there's no Tim Allen in this movie yeah right or Chris Evans for that matter right so I


completely thought it was a different movie I don't even know if I've ever even heard of this I had not well I don't know how this fell off my radar if


like I said if I saw previous to it when I saw Vince Vaughn I probably just tuned


it out yeah I think I remember seeing ads for it and stuff I was like Santa Claus brother Vince Vaughn well I think


the concept is interesting I mean yeah anyway do you want me to read it or yeah


if you got it I do not have even that's my pick so please okay well it says of the two claws Brothers Fred who's played


by Vince Vaughn is the troublemaker and polar opposite of his saintly sibling Nicholas played by Paul giamani when


Fred's criminal ways finally land him in big trouble Nicholas bails him out and brings him to the North Pole to work off


the debt by making toys the headaches mount for Saint Nick who not only must


deal with his troublemaking brother but also an official and then an efficiency expert who has come to


evaluate evaluate Santa's operation okay and I thought we'll just say it right


now I thought that was the weakest part of this movie because who indeed hell is the board yeah and who is this


efficiency expert working for that they have authority over Santa and the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy in order one


tooth of kids we're dumping the Easter Bunny yeah yeah rabbits eggs one tooth policy for the


yeah yeah you lose your teeth and then move on with your life yeah yeah yeah I don't know yeah you're right they never


explained that um and and and in movies sometimes


they'll be like okay this is why let's move on and I'm fine with that generally yeah but you don't like we even got that


yeah it it took me like at the beginning the prologue with the the birth of the


brother and all that stuff and then it said uh once you become a saint you and your family are now


Immortal that was a shooting it was it was ridiculous but like you were saying I'm in you told me what it is yes I'm


here for it okay once you establish the rule okay that's the rule okay then we're off


yes they needed to do that obviously to get Vince Vaughn and Santa alive at the


Modern Times sure but with the efficiency expert of you could have told me you know it's the board of holidays


I'd have been like okay like like yes the board of people that oversee the holidays sure that's who's in charge but


they never even say that yeah yeah uh yes it was just uh just to accept the


fact that there's an efficiency expert who's going to review Santa okay but it that that's the one thing that was like


that's weird yeah anyway um yeah so anything else on


preliminaries that's uh like I said 100 million nobody liked it uh you know whatever yeah this movie I I said before


the microphones went on but this movie I watched twice normally in all the other episodes you hear me after I watched it


sixes time seven times whatever couldn't couldn't bring yourself up I watched it once no thanks


and then I watched it twice just to make notes yeah just to make sure that just to make sure of why to pinpoint why why


does this stick in the eye hurt so bad oh yeah that's why um now that being said I thought it was structured pretty good same I thought it


was very well structured uh I was very surprised that it was two hours uh which


maybe that it never felt bloated to me but two hours hour and 58 minutes that's


a long Christmas movie you know on a second watch that's kind of what I'm putting my finger towards is it could


have been trimmed yeah to a tight 90. right if it was a tight 90 minutes this


might have been great sure there was just so much like the the phone conversation between uh Fred and


Nicholas was a five minute conversation over the phone about money and bail this


let me get you that five minutes yes if you that's a eternity if you trim that


because because and say and now James is saying these things I I liked the movie but I like Vince Vaughn I like his fast


talk I like his uh aggressive in your face nature you know none of those things that you just mentioned Randy


Chrysler right right and but so there's more to it than you know it was um listen yeah


there are there are known emotional buttons right I mean it's just you know uh two brothers who are at War start to


love each I mean it doesn't matter you're gonna it hit the emotion buttons with exactly what it needed to to get


you to feel a certain way and if you can make everybody though right it's like James I don't think felt that nope well


it didn't hit his button so either his buttons are broke or he doesn't have them or it just completely missed what's up any of those are possible


but obviously it it missed hitting his button well it's called John Candy I could be a cold-hearted cattle uh cynic


like you but anyway I like pretty close my wife like triglas yeah we watch


friend claws at night together uh okay so I guess we'll get into this


to find out yeah let's let's get in what the discrepancy is all right so there is this prologue and the prologue is to me


is not the opening image it is not the before scene necessarily of Fred Claus


because he's an adult most of the like most of the movie right with the exception of the prologue so I think his opening image needs to be yes as him as


an adult yeah uh now there is this opening statement that I initially thought was


the theme I I'd have to I can't remember if I nailed down a theme Chris you said you did so you probably did yeah just


what do you tell slam uh tells the kid you know you can't count on anyone you look out for yourself because if you


change once he changes he yeah we were talking about a minute ago you got some bad advice a while back yeah the dramatic question is is that true do you


correct need to only look out for yourself and the answer is no all right there is a provocative statement though


sometimes it's easier to make a promise than it is to keep one I wrote down Possible theme but I don't think so so I


think I'm going with what you're saying yeah that's a good statement and it occurs almost about the right time


um but I don't think it I think it's it's going with mine I think I mean it's technically it's late um it's not five minutes and it's


definitely later oh yeah oh yeah um I don't know that's interesting I hadn't thought about the promising because that comes back at the end too because he you


know um after everything's done Nick tells Fred you're the best Big Brother anybody


could have yeah and that was his promise I'll be the best big brother so that is true that is true and that is kind of


his in a way his struggled the whole time is he cares he wants to be your brother but then brother ends up being


the saint and and all the [ __ ] that comes with that right and then the the I wish you were more like your brother


friend he just eats away at him and so he ends up becoming the worst brother but the parents I think are culpable to


his oh 100 100 Kathy Bates can eat a dick right exactly so uh so the dramatic


question at that point could be uh you know uh what does it mean to be the best big brother in the world or uh is it


easy you know to say you're gonna do something and then you know to keep a promise yeah yeah anyway so uh yeah all


right um opening image I I and again I think I think they're solid on the Beats opening


image is uh uh Nicholas is a saint he's Santa Claus he gives gifts well Fred is


a Repo Man taking [ __ ] from people it's excellent yeah I thought that was brilliant and I've seen a thousand times


didn't even catch it until watching at this time with the beats in mind I'm like oh [ __ ] he's a [ __ ]


do you love your husband who cares you're gonna have that blessing like Fast talk just you know one of the


things about this about Fred everything that all the problems that he causes is really for your benefit man oh for sure


this is gonna help you yeah constantly with a girlfriend with his brother with this kid uh I thought


that I thought that was anyway um yeah Fred runs a Repo Company Fred takes he is snarky and nasty and he


still hates his brother and Christmas you know right uh now all right guys wrap up that plasma plasma to my house


no scratches right no scratch uh yeah we can jump right to the closing image because we'll get there but we might as


well say it the closing image what is Fred doing he is breaking his back to


give give to the whole world right every kid deserves a gift there are no bad


kids you know and I thought that now you know say what you I thought that was like at that point my that was an


emotional feel for me you know there are no bad kids and you know this guy every kid deserves you know that one hits me in the field that's what I'm saying


right so I may be looking at this through glasses that are not clear so I'm broken is what


you're saying I have no feelings no feel you hate me no not necessarily how do you hate kids


and kittens yeah right well uh all puppies must die right okay so uh


now his girlfriend so that so that's the opening image obviously uh the setup and I thought this was interesting like so


he has a girlfriend she's a freaking traffic cop she's giving people tickets oh nice parking nobody likes a traffic


cop you know but that's who his girlfriend is in some way also


uh somebody who's gonna bring you bad news and take from you yeah oh you were here extra five minutes that'll be


thirty dollars or whatever you know right there's never a scene with a traffic cop where some guy isn't saying


oh I'm about to go I'm about to go you know no no no no here's your ticket you know that's what Jeffrey Dean Morgan


does when yeah she's spying up yeah he's spying on him here's you know here's I got my quarter I'm only a couple minutes


and she's like no no no so both I was making you mad people arguing with you all day right yeah right and so Fred is


not going to find a girlfriend who is a nurse or find a girlfriend who's a kindergarten no that's true you know in


some level he's attracted to this energy that she brings through her job I'm thinking I'd be attractive to Rachel


vice's energy that's true she could be a nurse she could be whatever she could be serial killer it's fine um no point


James although I just thought about something and uh so he's he's Eternal right you know he's uh so maybe in you


know back in the I don't know 60s or something right because he was an adult theoretically that time right 50s 40s


maybe maybe he tried nurses and other things and eventually found like that doesn't work you know what I mean yes uh you're right right yeah I don't think


what that was no but yeah I did not really give a a timeline on when they became Eternal and yeah when Santa was


born right yeah because it almost look like medieval type times or something yeah because I would think it's like


Interview with a Vampire type of thing of you've lived through all these ages you are successful because yeah that's


meant like yeah way back like:


would have figured it would be a nurse Market by then theoretically Fred should have been a gajillionaire because he was


true yeah he wants to open a casino that's what he it was a betting Place against across the street from the stock


exchange exchange yeah and I thought like all of his interest almost like you know um


you know gambling you know is legal in places but it's a lot of people view it as a sin right and so like to me it was


like opposite of Saint saintly from his brother yeah yeah I mean all of his stuff is he's calling people he's a liar


like it's all this you know sin stuff versus you know Saint like his brother yeah yeah


um yeah so so Bonsai Palace yeah yeah


uh now still in the setup um the next scene is he's eating the cereal and the kid comes


in the window whatever but I I thought that the don't come in here jumping around with the music videos and put


your music on yeah he's watching the Charlie Brown Christmas yeah and and only you Charlie Brown yes and then the


the one quote we get from that you're the only person I know who can take a wonderful season like Christmas and turn


it into a problem Charlie Brown I'm like yeah they they come the archive so that quote


Fred Claus baby so I thought that was kind of yeah so I thought I thought they were they were hitting on Beats and and


and things that are like okay there's some thought put into this you know yeah


and slam is his save the cat like Fritz yeah because he's a bit of a jerk right but here he is being nice to this kid


you know so you got to give him a save the cat movement otherwise he's just you know I don't remember him at all yes degenerate I don't remember I can't be


more and Bobby willing to bet bad Santa's got one too you know even though he's a douchebag he's probably got some sort of save the cat well the whole kid


the whole the whole story yeah the yes the kids being bullied whatever um anyhow the the the comedy guy who


wrote that book uh had referenced it before he he used his uh Groundhog Day as an example but uh it's almost the


same beat as save the cat he says uh it just doesn't yeah it's almost the same be to save the cat he says if you have a


hero that is unlikable and they're and they need to change at some point in the movie you show what that change could


look like for just a second and then you have them go right back to the mean guy they were so that the audience can know


that that this is the change is possible and this guy is what he could become and


and I use I do see I think I saw it in uh playing strands there that beat is in there yeah nice you know they do it here


with slam because he's he's nice to him and you do you want the milk right so you give him some milk yes and but then he immediately after giving him this kid


milk goes into the whole thing about another trick the Kool-Aid with Santa and yeah he's the same junkie even completely famous


immediately he is I like Kool-Aid I like Kool-Aid no not this cooling yeah yeah I don't know why the wife and I cracks up


two hands on the milk like he's the students on the milk please and then uh slam he uh because he has the one hand


with the milk he drinks it and then when he says two hands on the book two two hands on the book and then he he takes another sip uh the kid does with two


hands in the milk it's just I don't know why it makes me laugh every time I see it does uh I wonder if that was like scripted or if the kid just did that I


don't know it makes me laugh yeah uh get another sip of milk two hands two hands on them they start talking about uh


Christmas and you know he wants a puppy and and so Fred is saying name a macaroni


Fred says uh I don't need I don't need charity I don't need sand I'm what I want I get I get what I want you know or


whatever he needs 50k he calls Santa um yeah that kind of goes into the theme if we go you depend on yourself right


the I don't need Santa I you know right yes yeah uh this is the you don't need


some more Santa's in the than they do Buddhas Buddhas is that the big bad dude that um


makes me laugh yeah no uh the the Rants and and the streams of dialogue from


Vince Vaughn I I always love that anyway uh he needs 50 000 by the 22nd to open a


casino so this is our I think there are two two second 23rd 22nd 23rd 24th no no no yeah 20th definitely by the 23rd you


know just I love it again stuff that could have been trimmed just a bit was the yeah 20


seconds no no 23rd yeah definitely by the 20 foot it's like okay bring that down sure and and I'm getting it now


that I'm looking at my notes the way you're describing it it's like well you can't cut the repo part you can't cut


the betting thing part you can't cut the kid out right you can't cut the girlfriend out so I'm seeing where the


editors and the directors had a problem of trimming this down to 90 minutes sure and and and when you put the camera on


Vince Vaughn yeah you're right he's gonna he's like Anyway this movie just


felt so so much longer than it needed to be and it's little Parts like that of oh


no no oh this oh wait maybe this maybe this yeah no I hear you turn that down but then


again it's Vince Vaughn doing what he does well if you have somebody else beside Vince Vaughn doing this role I


think it can become we we way back we talked about uh a blind date and that


opening scene of Bruce Will Willis that just felt like it dragged on forever him him being late for work and finding and


and that's not a slam on Bruce Willis but that scene was it felt like he was walking through mud because the energy


was not there yeah okay this is a longer scene but Vince Vaughn is like Nitro


okay sure he is like you know and so he's delivering he was like uh more like


Napalm right but he is delivering with a pace and rapidity and energy that is


that is burning the paint off the walls and and so I think that saves this scene that could have been even more laborious


than maybe James felt it was I it could have been a lot worse if you had another actor just playing it straight yeah it


may have been better that's what I'm saying like you could have fit it into 90 minutes okay if you had somebody like


oh gee I don't know uh Owen Wilson playing it just somebody that's quick on


the other side of Vince Vaughn not as lengthy as Vince Vaughn tends to go in you know I'm telling you slam don't


drink the Kool-Aid yeah that was terrible it wasn't but you gotta break your nose it's just the outer part of


the Kool-Aid it's not we're not even in that's right anyway um yeah so Santa's coming into his home


right now right all right wow wow uh we're probably going to trim this


podcast that's true that's true all right good we've been spawned this [ __ ] okay so uh he needs so this is the I


think there's two ticking clocks this is the first one he needs 50K by the 22nd to open the casino yeah uh a fast


talking cheat and a disappointment to everyone around him this concludes my setup so I think at this scene we've


sort of got a picture of his world who his people are in this world what he needs and and his goal and taking the


clock and all that um the Catalyst I I picked a catalyst and at first I thought it was a little weak


but I but I I think it works Chris something James you can see if you agree


I don't think James thinks any part of this movie works but right uh I do I really do think this it works it just


needed to be trimmed of sure fat right fat ass


so did Santa yeah right but so you pick an apology that's messed up man


yeah they were so fat uh the Catalyst he gets arrested and needs bail money Nick


agrees oh just giving people half the people okay well I guess that is true ripping


off the Salvation Army like that's good stuff that's again speaks to to his character and just I don't know I love that bit the people you look online


people helping people you see a picture of a picture of me yeah there was this whole what are you doing don't crowd my action yeah I'll get to use


and then again this is one of those scenes you know this thing goes on for


way too long nope so I was about to uh oh I'm agree with James and I hate it um


I agree with you sir um as much as I like to help people people help people and then the Santa Claus is chasing them that whole bit and it's funny it is very


long well he had to get arrested and he did one thing uh I did notice again for


the first time I've ever seen this a thousand times so he's his whole thing is running away from his problems right


into his brother Santa Claus in the scene he's literally running from Santa's that is true yeah that is good yeah


I'll take that yeah even though it's too long but well yeah but see uh I was never bored by that like I'm I


don't know I'm enjoying Vince Vaughn right yeah yeah and maybe like I said if it's somebody else that guy he was personal with the


people instead of just a good new change or whatever he's you know he's listening to get one guy's music and yes yes again


that could have all been trimmed tremendously wow you're probably right he got with Vince Vaughn I should have


gone back as the movie went on I started taking notes on uh the minute markers so


like at 19 minutes this happens 23 minutes I Didn't Do It Up Until the conversation with Santa Claus here in a


minute but I should have timed how long that Salvation Army was probably long because it was the Chase and then a


fight yeah before the him you know getting all the people to come over here you know once you bring some of that action down here yeah Army can't bring


you salvation right I've got I've got a few other people can according to most of my notes here most of the things that


I felt were too long were like three and four minutes long yeah that's a lot yeah


because two and a half should be I think it's a recommendation for a first scene yes unless it's some big you know action


set piece or something like it's it's special most of your scenes are too but even the dialogue scene that's two minutes it would it's got to be long I


mean yeah yeah exactly and that's why the phone call right the phone call with Santa Claus being five minutes it's like oh my gosh yeah


but if you're a screenwriter and you're writing a two and a half minute dialogue um you know yeah all right because


um I'm the the thought that ran through my mind was is that cop really gonna let him sit there and talk to his brother


for that long well he said it was Christmas you know everybody's charitable except Vince Vaughn yeah


except Fred you know that's that was the thought that ran through my mind but yeah so I've thought about the the phone


call with Santa is they set up multiple things they set up oh absolutely what's going on with him and him and his brother right and then him trying to


manipulate [ __ ] Santa Claus yeah but also they set up Santa and his wife uh Mrs Claus sure yeah and his problem so I


feel like they I don't know they wouldn't feel long to me no there was never a point where I was I thought this


move was dragging but like I said I might be looking at through colored glass of road closer colored glasses because of Vince Vaughn and because of


the feels later and right you know I I don't know but just for some y'all for everybody but me this personally I've


all seen this right yes I've never seen it before yeah so can you have rose-colored glasses like the first time


well Vince Vaughn okay and I just like be like somebody enough yeah yeah okay I like like like Vince Vaughn is like


they're I have like okay so my personality is is made up of like if I was to break it down it'd


probably be like 80 the dude uh you know 15 uh you know but there's got to be


like a half a percent of Vince Vaughn in me somewhere because I'm like yeah yeah come over here the fast talk the snark


the the you know I don't know anyway I'll have to get a


counseling about that and figure out what two percent Movie hosts five percent Vince Vaughn




60 this and 80 that okay uh if he wants the 50k he'll have to work with his


brother so this is the casino pays the bill the five grand yeah yes pays his bill gonna matter Joe but then buddy


yeah I'm practicing tough love on you buddy just said you know I need five thousand dollars for bail and then that


been it he'd have got the money and that would have been yeah but he wouldn't have the 50K by the 20. we wouldn't have the move well as soon as he got the yes


from Santa we'll just go ahead and make it 50. yeah yeah I'll tell you what I'm gonna give you I don't understand why you won't just give me 50 so I can blow


it up in 60. give you I'm gonna give you five thousand dollars Merry Christmas to you let me let me do


this let me do this people like to give gifts let me so everything that he does gotta be open to receiving gifts Nick to


Nick it's for your benefit that's right yeah yeah right 100 uh meanwhile uh


Wanda is stuck at Bonsai Palace oh yeah because he's in jail yeah that was his first one calling cheetah Nancy yes the


the match cut of uh or the scene of her sitting under the sign that sounds familiar right what is that Bell that's


right yeah oh it's a hot new spot hot news uh you know so seats suck too like so the the cage is behind them where the


guys are fighting right and one just sitting with her back to the cage and then I like how they reveal like she's


at a table with a whole bunch of other people yes and all of them were getting to see the the fight or whatever yes right where you know her so even the the


last minute obviously it was last minute the last minute seats he got weren't great right of course I know


um there is a debate he hems and halls but there's never a significant no I'm not


going to do that yeah uh but he does try to resist this so I thought the debate was there


um he needs a heart out by the 22nd you know I you know okay I'm gonna do this but I need to Heart Out by the 22nd yeah no problem you've never been to visit


not even once right uh and then so at this point his girlfriend bonsai was the last straw I guess for her his


girlfriend breaks up with him uh his kid friend slam gets taken into child custody uh at this point we get the you


can't count on anyone you always gotta look out for yourself right as he's on his way out of town yeah yeah uh that and then he's packing


his bag kid goes and then Santa sends willy willy yes a miniature uh I can't


remember that actor's name uh his name is John Michael Higgins I love this guy yeah yeah absolutely if I had known he


was in this in you know when it came out I probably well yeah when the movie came out I


probably would have watched it his body size they did trim James geez that was that's hard to watch I know the


technology wasn't exactly there it's like a big head of a little baby or something yeah that and ludicrous is the


DJ like they had little people playing everybody else but them yeah the the cap


the Imaging capture whatever they used just it [ __ ] me especially fight scene


of the fight scene's another one that we can cut yeah sure DJ but uh so James was


like speaking of like you know final straws like so he's into at this point in the movie he's like oh my God this is


so long what is wrong with his head now we got [ __ ] elves that aren't even played by real little people this is


[ __ ] oh my god well they did it so well they did it so well in elf they really did


now how they missed it four or five years later on this one well there wasn't I don't know the budget was


already bloated because of all the talent they had I guess they didn't they didn't leave much money for the CGI budget apparently I guess I mean it


didn't seem glitchy to me but it did seem uh you saw I think they probably thought oh that's a kid's movie it's a


you know a family movie it's for sure like it doesn't have to be exact you know yeah it didn't I don't know I thought that was funny like the fact


that it looked slightly off made it made it you know it's funny to me really trying to pick up the bag I would have got it if you'd give me one more chance


you know yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I get it anyway so the sleigh ride yeah spread for some ID which I think was funny yes


yeah uh the sleigh ride I'm calling the sleigh ride into the second act breaking the two hey I got it I got it 28 minutes


they land at the North Pole that's the second okay what's it yeah right right at 25 to 25 yeah 25 so and


it's a two-hour movie so three minutes of that [ __ ] phone call James we would have been right on track


Santa chases you know I did enjoy him trying to scam his brother though I mean yeah I would never wrong with that


trying to scam Santa Claus about people maybe if they would have trim the Santa fight yeah you know some of that maybe


they could yeah the the when they went into the toy store they probably could have cut that I think the Chase and everything yeah I think I think you end


it with them tackling on the street and then he's in jail so you could cut that hole Yeah so I saw I'll grant that but


you know I'm telling you who's gonna win this fight it's gonna be the big dude with the big yellow things in his hands that's right it's gonna be me oh my God


all right so now obviously fun and games yeah if you want to see Toy Store Christmas time fight scenes in action I


guess better like it I would probably have to go jingle all the way yeah yeah Paul White The Big Show WWE yeah he's


one of them Troyer Mini Me is the exact opposite and


they're together yeah it's good stuff yeah we'll get this against Arnold uh yeah all right I'm totally picking that


next year there's another bit of Brilliance I I um we'll get to it later but uh I I thought anyway we'll get to


it in a second uh fun and games the upside down world of Santa's Village or the North Pole ninja elves ninja elves


yeah so you got the slight ride to North Pole Main Street North Pole hockey stop yeah uh and then uh Charlene Santa's


Little Helper yeah right the Santa Secret Service that's


Elizabeth Banks by the way yes uh I there's a thing and I'll just go ahead and say it now because you have a thing


for Elizabeth Banks wonderful but I think Charlene's the problem in


the North Pole I think that's why the efficiency expert was sent because she's using like 15 different calculators and


maybe maybe at the end yeah they're on computers they're on yeah emails I think she's the problem in the


north yeah but nobody she in the energy they fire and they didn't tell us she's in the end right yeah yes yes her and Willie hook up wasn't it oh yes right I


was gonna laugh if she would be there like James just realized he just figured it out and they fired her off screen that's terrible maybe now she's like


demoted and right I don't know I don't think there's any way she could be the problem sir no no no I see what you're


saying but yeah uh yeah but the the on that no Elizabeth Banks and uh the other guy Willie what's his name again


um Higgins Higgins yeah uh they are uh they're on Pitch Perfect they're co-host in the Pitch Perfect series and and the


way they play off each other is excellent stuff it's very very nice yeah yeah I thought the center Secret Service


was very cool uh bunking with Willie the site gag you know yeah I have that as elf security hijinks yeah yeah that's


nuts but that's again another thing that could have been cut I know it was for fun or whatever but Santa knew that Fred


was coming yeah security details yeah it's it's in there I agreed it's in


there just to be funny but yeah logic and the little person would delete the voice right yeah uh he's got a gun yeah


um and it was 30 30 minutes when Santa comes out yeah at the 30 minute Mark Santa comes out and Fred and they


officially they're there yes I feel like some of it and maybe I'm reaching maybe this is my you know right Rose Colored


Glasses coming in but and I agree with you it could have been shorter and yeah logic they should have they should have known but I feel like frigates beat up a


lot and a lot of things happen to him like all of this is his punishment for being a douchebag about his Santa Claus brother yeah you know what I mean no


right like that you know I really don't like flights and you know Heights and then he has to you know deal with the the slay and all that stuff and then he


gets beat up by some Elves because he's a dick yeah it's uh and I think I think the first the first big check mark I


have here is the uncomfortable family moment when Santa and Fred meet yeah that felt a little dark yeah for me


yes I think I think it treaded edginess yeah uh it could have been lighter it


could have been fluffier so you think his was it because of his friend's reaction


like he was going to like too mad to me because like he just got beat up he's like that's nuts you know what it is


that like pushes it over or I I don't know I just my notes in here


just say uncomfortable family moment so I think it was Mrs Claus that come up and yeah it was like nobody is yeah but


they don't like each other like that's yeah I mean like they don't like each other they don't like each other but she knows Fred's a douchebag the tone that


that has in US portrayed to the movie felt too dark yeah yeah I know that was


a lot of the the feedback and the on the critics and the reviews and stuff I was reading that is it tried to you know uh thread this


line and it didn't do it well exactly for a lot of people uh yeah I mean I didn't uh I guess I don't think I


thought about ever that much but because yeah maybe again you know Vince Vaughn and Spacey and then the hit me in the


field so I'm on board yeah you know it's it is very very silly uh I I I I it is a


fine line because you have to create that angst with him and his family to justify yeah who he is right and yeah


and so yeah I mean it is a fine line to tread that's what I'm saying I think it wanted to go right up to edginess


without crossing over too much I think it works though with the with the wife with Mrs Claus because you know she knows Fred's douchebag she doesn't like


him right and then later on when he gets you know everything he thinks he wants and she goes oh oh and he wants you to have this Merry Christmas friend she


gives him the yeah the present um later on when she's standing outside the door and he has his heart to heart


with his brother and he says the line about you know yeah one little thing's been bugging me or whatever about the Naughty Nice List yeah she hears all


that like you see it on her face like she sells it like yeah yeah yeah you know oh [ __ ] Fred's not maybe he's not the douchebag and you know that I


thought he was right right because he's just he's not not either he's just misunderstood he's like where's these kids he's the Fulfillment of his own and


and maybe it's what he's feeling there there are no naughty kids they're just kids who don't feel listened to or someone who never got a gift or yeah yes


so I think he's those kids growing up yes he's he's talking about himself and


and and is reaching that conclusion not immediately I think it's part of his


growth or whatever anyway uh yeah the naughty nice Department I thought was very cool the blue folders the efficiency expert and this is like we


had talked about the board and I have that in quotes because it's uh like where did this come from it's


considering shutting Santa down and moving operations to the South Pole tooth fairy and Easter bunny also on the Block


um Easter Bunny has been chopped right and we're jumping the Easter Bunny yeah yeah and then Tooth Fairy is down to the


one tooth one tooth policy yes yes yes get it get a buck move on yeah uh


basically sells that like as ridiculous as these Concepts he sells the [ __ ] out of there again Ross you know closers


coffees yes that wasn't him though that was Alec Baldwin but


because he was mean to that movie well he's one of the sales people but Alec Baldwin was the big guy that came in who


are you [ __ ] you that's my name I drive a hundred thousand dollar car all right the closest [ __ ] yeah yeah now


we'll get to it but I thought the sibling support group was


some of them that was that I love that [ __ ] because it wouldn't work without the real people right that's what I'm


saying all of a sudden I'm like I would I might have said the [ __ ] I said way best Frank Stallone right oh my God that's brilliant yeah I recognized him


first but I didn't recognize and then um you know oh yeah he's not out he's


not Alex it's not Alex that's not out what's the other one I like Steve Frank Stallone Roger Roger Clinton and Steve


the state depressed I thought:


thought that should have been cut completely oh no at the end of it though where where I could have brought the


house down where Fred has his Revelation yeah okay I get it like that has to be


there because this is where Fred turns his Corner out of ourselves


I was talking to that hundred million dollar budget probably went to the clintons and the Baldwins and the


Stallone then Rocky came out yeah yeah I thought that was you got and then you're fighting Rocky and ramble yeah it's good


stuff no no uh it's so I have started wondering Santa Claus is my brother I


thought this is serious man you know is this funny to you because this is not funny to all of us I'm Steven by the way


or maybe to him his brother is Santa he's right no no I'm my brother's Santa Claus because my brother really is sin


right all right that's it that's a funny scene James um


[Music] all right uh whoever Christmas movie they're supposed to be high and tight


get it done right get on to the so I can get it to my next Christmas movie you said 90 minutes earlier I think what you


really meant was 88 yeah 88 minutes then that'd have been even better oh my God so 88 minutes is the minimum uh number


yeah if your movie is 88 minutes then you have the studio has stripped it down to the bare minimums just so they can


release it yeah you gotta stinker I remember where uh Phil and I learned that but this this movie should have had


that I mean I think jingle all the way is a tight 90 tight 88 or whatever yeah in it I watch it every year yeah sure


because it doesn't seem like such a chore and a burden and emotional well I watched both of these every year


she's all the way in this one yeah sure but I like it yeah sure you like what you like and that's awesome I'm so glad


that yeah Christmas movies sorry you have no taste that's what I heard I wish because I watched literally Christmas


Story Jingle All The Way Mickey's Christmas I think that's Christmas vacation just oh yeah Lethal Weapon and


die hard well then of course those yeah sure oh I have to put on a Christmas vacation when I'm decorating or either


sit down and watch it sure and I'm like Elf oh enough's good one yeah that sounds good oh yeah yeah and and Home


Alone Home Alone 2 I like that one a lot better than home alone so yeah one more


time I'll do I'll let them both on Thanksgiving Thanksgiving night I will watch die hard and we celebrate the


Christmas season with the dropping of the Hans so when Hans drops that's good when Hans drops it is now Christmas


season and that is Thanksgiving night awesome you please join with me out there yes uh all right so fun and games


he's looking in on his girlfriend the workload and the effing Christmas music which I was completely sympathetic to


it's the same song you're playing the same song over and over for sure for sure yeah uh and then change changing


the station locking Ludacris in the locker changing the station in the dance party it's an old reference because it was it was of the times but it still


makes me laugh you know what I'm gonna do I'm a Supernanny to you right did the Supernanny reference how he picks him up because he's like a small child oh yeah


oh yeah and I'm gonna put you in the in the naughty cabin or whatever but and here's another one you reference at 41


minutes he puts on his song and they jam out and they're doing the thing


that's two minutes until strike one yeah they walk in North walks in with Santa


they're dancing they're partying right that is a two minutes no elf discipline


yeah but I'm singing and dancing I love watching Vince Vaughn dance I like it


for sure yeah he's throwing freaking elves into the crowd like the crowd surfing one it's very funny that's a


hate crime not:


it knows North Pole when nobody else can sit never mind anyway um yes


oh back to the the snow globe thing when they're spying on people yeah it's just also you know anyhow


um he talks about the I don't know the name of the kid uh should wrote it down the the he's like you got a naughty nice list or


whatever or top naughty list right and the kid at the top uh Santa Claus tells Fred that uh oh yeah he bit his but his


mother or his dad or something and his dentist yeah Fred's response yeah I think it's very telling about the whole


the whole theme and the naughty Well why'd he bite him right and Santa Claus doesn't even entertain it I don't know you bet somebody you're you're a bad kid


where Fred's looking for the other side of a woman maybe because I think all he says is that I think he got his two his hands too close to the mouth yeah but


that's exactly but they got their hands too close that was a legit question from Fred why is this kid buying what happened and then they they show the


Johnny or whatever he comes in with the bat and like beats up his sister's room or whatever yeah


um well and Santa goes well that's pretty cut and dry and Prince like why is it cutting you know I mean he wants to know more about what happened like


what did the sister do to the I don't know little moments that yes I I I thought


that was sorry absolutely yes uh okay okay so we're moving through these uh family dinner now yeah I know they're


taking vlogger strike yeah so so the whole ticket clock thing is again a the whole three strikes thing is the taking


clock as we're moving closer and closer to disaster uh strike one strike two strike three dinner with the family and


the efficiency expert um and you know and then yes so Fred gets uh


I can't think of the right word all of a sudden um ambushed there thank you yeah with the dinner yes yes there's even


Aston murder your mom's not going to be there right you know you know then he yeah yes invites him to dinner Santa


does and then his parents are there yeah a million houses in one night of breakfast and wide North cut yeah yes uh um North


Pole Northcutt I don't know I just get Jack thinking about all those breaking and enterings and all this crimes being committed yeah a million a million


houses in one night are breaking and everything that's how he's he goes to Frosty's Tavern Willie and Charlene and


Charlene he walks out on the dinner he gets mad yes yeah and he's like I think I'll be more comfortable Beckett you know in my hat you know in my dorm with


you know my Smurfette or whatever yeah yeah we didn't talk about that either the uh it was a nice Vision with the bed


yes he's bunking with Willie and he's you know what you sure you know what the Bible or whatever he is I don't think I'm making a matter Willie yeah uh six


foot five sleeping in an elf bed yeah again same beat that was an elf like it feels like a rehashing of what else yeah


sure and elf did it better sure my opinion shots fired my opinion Willy's


time Tavern Willie and Charlene and I wrote and Charlene's cleavage Willie loves Charlene Charlene just forget her


legs man oh yes yeah nice legs and teaching really to dance uh now I


thought this was also thematic because I think it speaks to his perspective on


kids uh Fred's he says when when when Willy is doubting himself uh after he


falls on his face you mean yes yeah uh uh I think uh I know you got more blitzing in you than you realize I


thought that was yeah because yeah it doesn't the whole story that the you know Blitz and fell in his face first time he tried to fly and he's like what


friend yeah everybody knows that story yeah that's interesting to me like did Fred make that up or is that really a story because I think he made it up I


think he made it up because Fred's never been there he's never visited nothing not even one it's a fast talk sales pitch that he's come up with but but it


worked Willie is the is is the he's saving the cat I think he got more more blitzing in you than you will yeah uh


you yeah so I thought that was like okay that's cool that is good that you know that's who Fred could be given the


chance no bad kids you know where um the efficiency expert Mr northcott sabotages so he's burning or shredding


shredding the the letters yeah strike two Fred is accused of the sabotage northcuts so's doubt about Fred uh to


Santa not so much sabotage at this point they just like they accuse him of misplacing the the letters or whatever


yeah well North Carolina's burned him and now but they think Fred like misplaced him not that he did anything with them no no but but he's getting


blamed for oh for sure what northca did yeah uh the secret backup system that's


straight too yes North Carolina's doubt about Fred the Secret Service attacks Fred and I knew we were heading right


for a midpoint at this yeah right and uh so I have it as a midpoint at 59 minutes yes but it's two hour


movie so it's right where it needs to be huh yeah do you see what I'm saying like like when I looked at it it was like James like this one should be 59 minutes


but but the midpoint is is it 60 or 59 minutes of a two hour I'm like okay they're nailing it at this point I'm


like okay uh Fred is called on the carpet and then they have this intervention and he did


learn from his first time with the ninja elves because he Ducks the first one that flies at his face and that guy goes


out the window we're about to get jacked right now yeah that's good stuff yeah yeah so uh so I'm calling that ridiculous fighting Ninja elves but it's


funny Point Foster feed is that what that's what I have yes yeah okay yeah because then he's literally like


kidnapped and forced into a family Intervention which is the last thing this guy wants to do is sit around and talk about his feelings right uh the


parents Dr Goldfarb his girlfriend Santa's wife North cut so's betrayal the little and so now he's he's sort of sewn


Bad Seeds against Fred now he's selling Bad Seeds against Santa the little tree that refuses to grow right that little


tree in the shadow of the big tree you know certainly just cut down that big tree the little to that little tree gets them like now now this is Holy speech


but I like it no no no this this is why I really hope that Spacey is innocent and the court says he is so I'm not


going down that road anymore but Spacey is he is he he can sell and do anything


right when he's given his speech a speech Republic yeah anger and Venom I mean like Spacey without even thinking I


love that one they kicked the crap out of that one yeah Spacey Spacey you know he's just he's like Nitro man I


tell you he I I love to see this guy act I really hope that he gets back into the


game man for more of a love letter to Kevin Spacey and then to Phillips personal Twitter channel


uh well that was one of the first comments I made after I turned off the movie I was like I sure do miss Kevin


Spacey yeah uh but you don't want to like this guy if he did those things there's 37 episodes to the Kevin Spacey


love letter right and only 16 door podcasts I've got something like that well he's been doing it a while yeah


sorry go ahead Kevin Spacey isn't a fantastic guy he is fantastic and I


hated hearing his name brought up in any of that stuff whether it's true or not I don't know I thought I am willing at


this point I don't know the facts but the court listen to the facts nope that's you know he's yeah great actor


yeah uh so I'm having this as the bad guys close in the the intervention parents Goldfarb girlfriend sounds like


Northcutt certainly uh his kid friend slam is uh number one takes over the


number one uh quoting him yes quoting yes uh Santa's not going to bring you


all a family yeah Echoes Fred's words Kool-Aid fools yeah Echoes Fred's words is what I have so yes uh at this point


uh Fred is angry every kid gets a nice stand and and and and and and he's


selling it man his facials Bam Bam Bam like he's just angry yeah because he's going to find slam smile first gives him


uh nice yes even though he's at the top of the the board and then yeah he does it with the rest of the kids yeah yeah


uh now there are too many kids and not enough gifts uh this is this thing's starting to close in bad


guys closing in I'm still in there the brothers fight uh and then I thought this was like this was I could I could


almost feel the hurt both in in Fred and in Santa uh when he says I don't hate


you Nick I just wish you were never born which is good I don't know if James said it somebody said what is worse than


hatred it's indifference if you hate somebody at least you have a a stance but if you just don't give a flying F if


they live or die right you're nothing you're not even worth the thought to me right that's worse and this so I think


this really hits we're starting to move into the dark part of the script and that is pretty dark I just wish you were


never born yeah but they balance it with this you know crazy ass snowball fight you don't bring a snow blower to a


snowmobile to a snowball fight yeah I was running over and he's throwing snowballs I couldn't hit it I couldn't


miss if I if I tried Nick yeah uh Fred gets the news that his brother


is one strike oh do you mind he's jumping up and down when he's mad like as Santa Claus in a patches yeah


another one that like if you have Spacey and Giamatti yeah they nail their parts oh they're as ridiculous as they are


Giamatti I've never never been disappointed by anything I've agreed I agree nothing at all I can think of yeah


his beard disappointed me in this movie like it bugged me like that I wish they had it's going all white oh you know


this is a surprise is his beard annoyed me and they should have they probably again back to the budget didn't have a


beard budget but a beard budget uh all right so Fred gets the news that his brother so the All Is Lost I'm obviously


has to be a false victory yeah he gets everything he thinks he wants yes Charlene just give him or not Charlene


but otherwise I'm just giving my money gets his money and a gift from his brother right uh then doc uh as he's


leaving so now he's got his 50k he can open this casino he gets everything like you said that he thinks he wants false


Victory Fred leaves gets his money Dark Knight of the Soul uh the evidence that Fred doctored the naughty files uh


strike three Santa is fired you know gets his Walking Papers yep uh Fred has what he wants then he opens this gift


I'm sorry I cut down your tree the rebuilt birdhouse I thought that that kind of got me like I'm a sucker for


this so I don't know if it was done well or I'm just on board emotionally because I'm a sucker for other things in the


movie get me that one doesn't like I like it like I think it's a good beat but it doesn't it didn't like make me tear up or anything


um it wasn't as strong as some of the others but but had they spent three or four minutes on the bird and the bird


house before sure when he cuts down the tree the first time yeah the bird flies around in the


narrator trip never return that's what I'm saying if they would have spent three or four minutes with chirp chirp


like a relationship like everything else yeah sure there's three or four we could have established this kid like Vince


Vaughn and having a rapport yeah if you show a kid with a pet and the pet flies away oh it goes away I mean yeah no it's


really bad yeah that's true if he has a pet and then you get the fields and then trip chirp never returned oh damn [ __ ]


this movie yeah yeah that's true that's what I'm saying yeah and all the other I know I hate Santa Claus it's an


automatic feels what I'm saying so they knew okay if we take a pet away from a kid you cannot have not have a I think


that's part of the magic of John Wick which almost sent me hating John Wick you killed the [ __ ] dog I can't watch


this movie but guess what John Wick is gonna make them pay for killing that dog and so you're you are so invested kill


him kill you get that guy next you know you know anyway shoot him again I know you already shot him eight times but


shoot him again oh thank you and then there's the sequel you had to kill his dog all of this for a puppy it wasn't


just a puppy I'm not excited for John was born oh okay wait John Wick I love Dominic


definitely yes definitely yeah I'm sorry I cut down your tree the rebuilt rebuilt birdhouse which I you know okay so


they're hitting I have to ask the wife because um because when they reveal the you know I'm sorry I cut down your tree and they


reveal The Birdhouse the wife goes that's cool looking birdhouse and I agree but like is that like is that


indifferent or is she like was it hitting her in the fields because she even made a comment about the The Birdhouse you know what I mean yeah like


I feel like that's maybe didn't hit her in the fields and she just appreciated The Birdhouse yeah uh then we move into


this uh your favorite scene this was awesome you know the Frank


Stallone hating on his brother Roger the brother of Bill Clinton Steve Baldwin that's not Alec For the Love of my


brother love of my family name I could have brought down the house uh Bill Clinton his brother you know but I did


what I did for the love and I thought I thought okay they're hitting on theme this is where Vince Vaughn is going to turn it around and right right on time


for the love of my brother and the love of my family name I did what I did or whatever it also shows even though it's


a funny bit right and then you and you don't see him like you see that the scene with the uh sorry cut down your


urinary tree with the that the birdhouse and then you they immediately cut to the sibling Anonymous right but it's him


he went from being forced to family intervention right and the last thing that's going to just talk about his family too he sought this out yes he


goes to like we don't see it we just got to Fred right in the you know right in the the counseling or whatever but my


point is Fred's trying to deal with his problems yes and and one of his complaints is there are no bad kids just


kids who don't feel listened to and they don't want to listen to him at this meeting


yes but but he but he was desperate if I'm if you're a counselor in a meeting and there's somebody with that kind of


need yeah you better address it uh well this guy I see what you're saying but


they didn't get to Roger last week the guy says that you know it's Rochester last week


Rogers been tested for a while now too and what is what what's his name I apologize for Matt Damon we had to Jimmy


Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel is always Matt Damon is never there but it's the running joke of we always had to bump Matt Damon


so we apologize to Matt Damon we get him next week uh that's not Alex so Fred now


so Fred is having his turn around yep we're headed for the break in the three Fred takes this 50k and I wrote planes


boats and sled dogs his way to the third Act yeah yeah instead of using it on the the investment in the casino because he


gets the phone call uh today's your day buddy 20 seconds yeah let's do this thing he spends the 50k to get back to the North Pole yeah yeah which is cool


break into three ticking uh I thought it was like three days but he gets there and the ticking clock uh uh 10 hours


they have 10 hours so now the clock is set yeah I think this is the second ticking clock you have the third act


starting there yes the the rallying of the elves yeah well him they're like him


calling saying I'm going to the North Pole right yeah his whole movement so the the movement into the second act was


on a sleigh uh yeah being taken by Willie the movement into the third act so it's an unwilling sleigh ride now


it's a willing sled dogs boats he's doing what he's on a icebreaking ship at


some point very quickly you see the it's saying him making the phone call you want to hear the North Pole tonight I


got 50 cases I'm seriously yes like that is his declaration yeah yes that is him actually going into the third act but


the movement into the third act that's the sling yeah so yeah where did you have a James I I had it uh right around


there but I had it when after he said every kid deserves a present there's no naughty that's when third act starts he


gets suited up and boom yeah yeah uh I thought about that at one point I think that's


yes uh you you make your decision to get into the third act you move into the third act you got to gather the team you


gotta yeah yeah because at one point I thought oh [ __ ] when when we're jumping to heaven when Santa can't do deliver the president because of his back I'm


like oh is that I don't know what's lost and then because I was with you I thought well maybe it is when he actually suits up but after thinking


about it more yeah it's got to be it's specifically you're here's the change you're right you're yeah pretty close


within the circle of the third act all that is yes yeah uh yeah that makes sense though Fred


going back to the North Pole would be the third act I think like you said yeah yeah so and railing The Elves and and


coming up with the the hula hoop and the which two toys you can basically what two toys you can you can make or


whatever yeah very quickly uh yeah because you're right judge because even if he gets to the North Pole and hasn't


made a decision he could he could be in the third act and be in the North Pole and be the same [ __ ] he was and not


do anything so him suiting up is he's the solidified we're doing this thing


you know in the third day because Santa can't drive he's got his back hurt do you think that is the breaking the three no I no well it's around there I think


it's like right after the break gotcha okay yes I I I I always look for doors and windows movement across thresholds


right and I'm thrilled to death when I find them and so I see him moving on these various Transportation devices to


get to the third pole the North Pole as the third pole the third pole yeah different moving it's my kickstand


anyway so yeah getting into the Third because that's what I thought it was when he says every kid deserves a


present there's no naughty he opens the door and leaves and the wife is ready you got me with the door man door but


then again the sled into the North Pole like it's it's around there because if you hadn't changed he's not spinning his 50k and he got the North Pole to begin


with yes one thing that he wanted the whole movie now he's going to use for something else sounds like a double bump


we don't talk about that a whole lot like there's double bumps going into this second act but there's not a lot in the in the third and I don't know if


that's a thing or not but like if that's how much they have it's almost like a double bump because it's he spends 50k he got there but you got to do more than


that Fred you can't just we wouldn't try to save Santa's laid up you have to [ __ ] deliver yeah the 50k is not


going to save anybody correct you know um yeah Wayne's gone because he's putting it all on sled dogs and [ __ ] you


know yeah the money's gone so he when he gets there is only him [ __ ] clock 10 hours and then


thematic statements one gift for every kid baseball bats on hulips okay someone out there thinking about them right so


that's what he says yeah because the elves pushed back unless Fred that's not what the kids ask for and he's like that doesn't matter yeah every kid does you


know deserves to open something it's just yeah that they have something open on Christmas morning yeah yeah yes and and no and that's right in the fields


yes because now I I think there is some Acumen here on the part of the writer or whatever because everything that Fred is


doing is coming from his own seed of hurt yeah nobody was thinking of Fred his parents weren't why can't you be


more like your brother right I saintly thing he does he does right [ __ ] you mom so he he has empathy for all the kids


who who feel like no one is thinking of them so I thought this is where I became invested just throughout this movie


right um you know so maybe maybe I you know I I bought a lemon but it's a pretty good


taste and lemon to me you know I'm with you I like the way this lemon tastes right here yeah right baseball that's in


hula hoops uh yeah anyway uh Santa down for the count uh there is a rule oh and


again I thought this was again they sort of introduced these rules to cover up what they need to do


yeah um so you really can drive the slate no I can't I gotta yeah on Christmas night


uh there's a rule only a clause can deliver the presence only a clause can deliver the presence and that is a


clause yes right um and then I thought the exchange between Giamatti and uh between Santa


and Fred was good here right the fruit Santa is going to let Fred off the hook oh yeah you you know I can't do that


right yeah yeah it's ridiculous for anybody to expect that kind of thing Fred too much trust me I know it's all


it's all right yeah there you know that's good stuff yes uh I'm not saying


a Christmas room for everybody at this point yes and I thought again I thought this we've talked about it there's no


naughty kids uh there's only scared kids don't feel listened to kids uh tough breaks every kid deserves a break at


Christmas and who can't cry at that man come on the kleenex is there no no all


right you got me cold-hearted Sonics nope not buying it uh


85 minutes is where I have that James is like five minutes that's right uh Courtney catboy uh breaking the


threes right at 85 according to James this movie should have been five more minutes right right James five less


minutes you mean five oh five more after the 85 gotcha yeah yeah Fred's is up dang storming the castle crunching the


numbers making the gifts the team Charlene The Elves and Willie Northcutt not happy uh Fred flies delivering the


presents control I thought because no one's got singing on his way out of town and he sees all the lights oh yeah yeah


yeah Allah I I thought the control tower the


whole flight control was very cool you know flight operations chimneys and cookies uh he did he delivers the puppy


to slam well that that was the rule before he goes into the first house was going down the chimney it's not gonna


feel good yeah it's not gonna hurt it I'm not gonna lie to your friend it's not gonna tickle and then you gotta eat all the cookies yes otherwise they get


offended so there's a you know stumbling off roofs and all that of eating cookies and flan Montage yeah yeah we get like a


second fun and games here in the third act yeah it's a lot of fun again that flan though it makes me gag every time


man because he picks the whole thing up just shoves it as well it gets me every time




but that just it seemed like me of don't forget to eat all the cookies okay and then wacky music plays and he's shoving


cookies in his face yeah could have lost it but uh that's just me uh all right


hold on now so when he's flying through the neighborhood and he takes out that car and Fred's like we'll come back to


this neighborhood later that's funny [ __ ] man sure okay yes okay he kick


somebody's damn Santa like their Snowman off the off the roof of them when they get out of here it's in the way or whatever that's because he's still Fred


like he's always became a saint yeah so it's funny [ __ ] uh when he


delivers the puppy this is where I think the theme macaroni yes uh the world is what you make it but it starts with you


and what you make of yourself so I thought bam there it is right you know this is the the book this is the


transition right I mean you got some bad advice well I I didn't notice this until the second time I watched it but he was


hiding his face from him so still feel like Sam should have recognized his voice as much as he's listened to Vince


Vaughn fire off 4 000 million words but right whatever it works on the moon yeah I was like I was like this is stupid why


are they and then I watched it the second time actually trying to disguise him yeah no I thought I thought that worked and in


case you missed it on the whole you know stating the theme or whatever right and the growth you see that with slam oh


Santa here's your wallet yeah


uh all right so now we have the high tower surprise so we storm in the castle and you always have a high tower surprise setback North cut fires The


Elves and shuts down so they pull the plug and now I think we're flying dark up here right you know I thought that was I can't believe it I actually have


that as the Hightower surprise baby North cut cuts the power to the north


yeah North cutting the north you know I don't even catch that yeah very nice about halfway through a very nice Cut


nice and then he's cutting the North Pole off yeah that's excellent he tells all the elves go back to Alpha stand or


wherever you're from funny [ __ ] man 2007 you get away with that joke right


now but yeah that's funny [ __ ] man well she she was just watching something on YouTube before we started this uh some


guy was being interviewed the guy who did Airplane the movie Airplane whatever why Hollywood can't take a joke anymore yeah you know whatever ridiculous yeah


that's a whole other podcast so the the dig deep down after the high tower surprise you have to dig deep down we're


Flying Blind up here uh Santa knows Northcutt made the naughty list in 68 so


you have this whole sequence of I made a mistake you know you wanted a a misguided yeah yeah uh you asked me for


a Superman cake yeah four-eyed Clyde is probably what they called you and you wanted to be Superman I wanted to be Clark Kent you know that scene gets me


oh I love that that one gets me as far as the tears were just the this ridiculous movie but these two actors [ __ ] selling it like they're in an


academy award-winning movie you know what I mean the way they just nail it with Giamatti and Spacey you're not


gonna get mailing it in right okay oh I gotta roll I got three lines okay those three lines are he's gonna invest 100


that's professionals man that's I just uh you wouldn't need those darn glasses anymore but usually what do you say you


just said to me you didn't get the cape and you said to be remain four-eyed cloudy mode only because Cricket wore glasses like get swing every time I love


it ah dust absolutely just making fun of me yeah I was getting Jerry right over there like you shut your face woman I'm watching this just yeah I saw my yeah


now uh come on put it on yeah Spacey just having been angry he I don't he


acts like he doesn't even know he does it uh he tells him to put on the cape and he says he calls him Mr Claus oh


nice I didn't catch that yeah because yeah he says I'm a 44 year old man or whatever yeah okay I didn't realize all


of a sudden it's the awe and respect yeah they haven't shown him the whole time it's good stuff yeah uh that's


nothing nothing James in that scene nothing you're like why is the scene in here should have been cut uh at this point James was out I was I


was pulled in by the fields and yeah and James was you know it's a great seeing well acted the whole thing yeah it was


the color it's just in Focus this movie he's gonna be varied in toned so drastic


I'm sure it had tried to walk a line yeah and and did it wobble maybe but yeah this is a great scene yeah sure


just I don't know that even the one that every kid deserves a you know yes those


are two my two favorite scenes in like the whole movie yeah uh I could see nobody could see it nobody can see it in our viewing


audience but James has a black hat on and I think yeah he's wearing all black guys no it's different Shades of Gray


cold-hearted I'm teasing anyway wow I'll just say when he put that cape on I was like oh right of course you know I kind


of wanted the music like the old uh Superman music because he goes up there puts his hands on his hips and when he


turns it up yeah I thought that was I would hope that be scripted but if if not Spacey yeah sold it so I don't I


don't know if you noticed this but when they're having the fam the uncomfortable family dinner that Northcutt goes to


yeah uh when Mom is just praising on Nicki yeah sure you know flying around


like Superman he does the Superman northcutt's sitting right there going okay this guy yeah he's Superman I


wanted to be super right yeah nice you know it's a little bit more yeah no that's good that's good I did notice the


Superman pose but I didn't think about how Northcutt would feel about it yeah I didn't either that's brilliant see I'm bringing something too yeah sure you


love this movie I really watched it I really tried to try it no no that's fine I would as soon as you said that earlier


about you made all these notes about why it sucked I I was very curious I wanted to hear what you had to say about what's up oh no no I just I wrote did I like it


way more than it deserves I mean it is a silly movie but I like it a lot yeah I basically just wrote standard notes with


the time stamps on there where where could you lose some of this right it seemed like it was too long and it's I


get it now with with how much you guys like it I know we haven't even finished it yet but it's like what can you cut


right right not much so uh he puts on the cape and it's Mr


clock like I said he calls him Mr claws which I thought and that's nice yeah uh the new plan so yeah take the glasses


off yeah the high tower surprise to dig deep down uh and the execution of the new plan is part of this five-stage uh


storming the castle breaking the three thing uh Superman turns the power back on uh give him his shot because he's not


a naughty kid either but the power is on but it it doesn't solve the problem there's the power fails yeah at that


point so what's that called if if the no if the Hightower surprise was North cutting the power and then Superman you


know quote unquote Superman turns it back on yeah and then it fails is that another Hightower surprise well it's


it's uh the execution of the new plan and that's not going to be the new plan the new plan because Fred still has to do it himself yes it can't be bailed out


by Northcutt yes there is it's all it to me


in one line there then uh Fred and Willie are in the sled and now now they


are flying blind they're gonna have to do it themselves and so there's a scene where they're zipping around like Lightning Fast and the sun is rising


behind them and to me it really worked as a scene it got me again Willie says


Fred Fred and he says I know Willie I know and he's faster faster to me that that one little exchanged again feels


we're right there because they had to have it done by certain time it has to be done by Sunrise yeah 5 30 North full


time or they do not fulfill in the expert can shut them down which what time zone is the North Pole in


in Winter does the Sun rise at all especially around Christmas the International Date Line is in like some


little town in England it actually has a line down the center of the street but where they set all the other times yeah


is a is actually and it and the line runs down a street in in this little town in England and so they've got like


a brass rail or something thing running down the center of the street like it's a physical location but in the North


Pole there is no sunrise in the dead of winter yeah I don't yeah that's what I don't know yeah I don't know yeah


it didn't seem like he was going around the world it was like he was going yeah


you know even a male route will have the most efficient Fred Fred doing it though


yes Fred right I know really I know I thought I thought it sold uh Sunrise okay uh I have this section as The Boys


Are Back In Town Willie enters the bar kisses the girl and now she remembers his name you know I thought no and then


Fred comes in we did it to the snow globe Christmas Joy blah blah blah you know everybody's cheering and I'm I'm


crying and James is shaking his head saying this [ __ ] thing yeah how much more time is left in this movie


all right so closing image satisfaction at giving rather than taking we already talked about this you are the best Big


Brother anybody could ever ask for uh so all these loose ends are now tied up reunited and it feels so good him and


his girlfriend get back together uh at least we I wrote down at least we had Paris it's a quote from uh you know whatever they go to Paris uh North got


on the job as a consultant where is this cape underneath his sweater Willie and charlena together uh Fred and slam he's


coming about the Periscope is this okay they were doing that it's a perks the job it's a company vehicle it's nice I


thought that was good uh Willie and Charlene uh are together Fred and slam slam gets a family of his own Fred's


family is back together his mother's still being his mother but he's a little bit better but man but he's okay would


only pick her eyes out man right but he hugs her I know mine you know whatever you know uh all loose ends tied up the


return of Chip chirp I almost cheered yeah so even trip comes back so the narrator is a [ __ ] liar yeah well


chirp never returned right nobody did we did sure yeah all loose ends tied up


return of Chip trips yeah and and that's when I thought Charlene was the problem because now they're updated with computers emails internet yeah and


Charlene has no calculators in her hand anymore she's just running around with Willie so I think she was the problem at


the North Pole yes talk about modern day this is me being a


cynic I didn't really think this but Willie walks up and just grabs Charlene and kisses her I'm like that's an appropriate touching if you didn't get


her permission to kiss her you can't just walk up to a co-worker and kiss him you know in my mind I'm being sarcastic


of course but of course you know uh workplace north pole rules baby right


yes over in Alpha stand they have different yeah wherever the hell you're from foreign


you're gonna love this James so this podcast used to be an hour


we tried to make it we we set out with the idea that we're gonna make this an hour it's 88 minutes then it was like an


hour and five hours if you look at our episodes they get progressively longer we're 88 Minutes 88 minutes I'm guessing


we are one hour and 30 minutes sir 90 minutes A nice tight holiday we're as long as


the movie yeah we talked about this movie as long as the movie is and we were way more entertaining we would hope


so there was a lot of we did not have um Elizabeth Banks you know so that's true


right uh we uh we we did have some talk at the beginning that you know but yeah


this is yeah you'll trim it up and you know well yeah cut out all our inappropriate stuff and no yeah if we


get right to the pocket but I always like that banter that we have if you cut out all of my stuff it'll be a tight


tight hour oh my God okay and I would get it no I would understand it will


drop from there because I truncate silence where I take out any pause that's longer than half a second


Saturday you got anything to to add despite the link the more you talk about that though you're going to have to cut


this let's cut this out all right so uh past consider recommend


I recommend it I love this movie but apparently I am in the minority with


even the critics and the fans and James uh but I'm a sucker I'm a sucker for the fields if you can hit me with the fields I'm entirely forgiving okay that that's


awesome I'm gonna pass sure and uh I think this could have been better like


it's just right if it was edited story wise this like we say in the trailer or like I say in the trailer it works on


paper I just don't like it right yeah this is a good example there you go yeah it's a recommend yeah there you go


it's a silly little Christmas movie but yeah I don't know I guess a lot of what Phil said I guess it


hits me in the fields and you know I just like that you got these a you know


A-list you know High Caliber actors you know selling it you know in this silly little movie


sure yeah yes I I highly recommend um


this was the first time like I said the first time I ever saw it uh um when I watched the trailer I was


drawn in by all the actors that were in it Kathy Bates Kevin Spacey of course and


um and you were talking about feel good or something that really got to you yeah


what actually got to me was the scene when they go to the globe and you talked about it so fast I didn't get a chance


to say my piece about it sorry when they go and run to the what is it the snow


globe to watch the kids open their presents yes I immediately went back to


when I was a child and that's exactly what I just sat there and you know about


get teary eyed how remembering Christmas when I was sure sure and it just you


know well and I think that was they they wanted you to be United with kids who


weren't listened to I mean who would not feel for an orphan or a misunderstood person you know


and so so the movie may not be as good as we're saying but they knew to poke Us


in the places that are going to make us feel and so now we love our feelings and


we're transferring that to the movie and I guarantee that's what they wanted a lot of that has to do with the soundtrack score sure it might be music


bringing up at the right moment they manipulate your feelings tremendously and a minor key will make you cry right


I I think I'm immune to that yeah sure because I listen to so much music and I do so much music


that uh that's how they get you that's how they get you when I was watching it I I didn't notice until like I don't


know over halfway through I'm sitting there smiling the whole time sure and and you know like you said earlier I


started it on a late Friday night um watching it thinking okay I might


fall asleep I can finish it tomorrow oh I was Wide Awake the whole time and and then of course after I finished it and


you woke up and I said that was real really good yeah I really enjoyed it


well we are we are we are a sheep apparently subject to the manipulations of the of the cinema machine and James


James will have to be our the guy that rescues us from the that's right the pitfalls of listen to me you'll be all


right kid yeah go through go with your logic not your emotion yeah anyway


all right anything we just needs a Superman cape man yeah hey you know I did ask for my Superman cape was a drum


set I always wanted a drum set you didn't get it I never got a drum set because they were too loud you couldn't


turn them down yeah so my parents got me a guitar if you could turn a guitar down and now that I'm almost 40 guess what I


have drums guitars everything so I get what I want I don't need charity yeah no


you're you're like Fred Claus and Northcutt yeah yeah I just I relied on myself I took Fred's advice can't count


on anybody yeah yeah so maybe that's it maybe I maybe I'm due this year for a


Christmas carols type situation where I'm to review my life all right there you go nice okay get a


heart [ __ ] Grinch you know yeah I'm feeling what is happening to me


or James I'm leaking ah you know anything else


no no Merry Christmas Merry Christmas I hope people will enjoy this podcast as much


as we do yeah be like a be like the three of us not like James hope you enjoy it no if


you don't like Fred Claus maybe you should skip this podcast not the whole thing just this one yeah yeah well too


late they've already listened to it that's true if you're hearing this part you you messed up there's Tom you're


never getting back people that's right all right that's Fred Claus and uh we are out I was like I think Chris picked


this to [ __ ] with us have a little Integrity dude but that's bad news


there's nothing good on that page anyway the dude with the problem is an innocent


hero no I wasn't surprised at all no I understand that I watched it once no


thanks so I'm broken is what you're saying to


Charlene Santa's little help it doesn't seem like such a chore and a


burden and emotional well I'm feeling what is happening to me



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