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How to Budget like a Bo$$ (ft. Jo Franco & Xavier Jarvis)
Episode 729th May 2023 • Money Baggage • Hightower Advisors
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Welcome to the show that will help us all unpack our Money Baggage! In today's episode, we're getting into the nitty gritty about budgeting, whether it's worth it, or not, and how to budget like a boss. We're your hosts, Jo Franco and Xavier Jarvis. Knowledge is wealth, so let's grow these money mindsets!

The Money Baggage podcast creates a community around something that affects us all: money. Through the use of personal stories, research-based facts, and third-party points of view, it is our goal to ease the immense pressure of having conversations about money.

This podcast is sponsored by Hightower Advisors and produced by Jo Franco. Get more free financial info here.

The hosts are Jo Franco, content creator and founder of JoClub, and Xavier Jarvis, Communications Specialist at Hightower Advisors.

Submit your money baggage questions on Jo's DMs, Instagram and subscribe on YouTube.

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