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Everyone knows running a business is hard. But no one talks about how it makes you feel.

The reality is that entrepreneurs are often stressed, or frustrated.

I’m Darren Moffat, your host. I’ve founded two companies, and as a director at Webbuzz the growth marketing agency I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners.

This podcast has a simple vision: to make entrepreneurs happier!

We do it by finding answers to the key challenges all businesses must overcome. Each episode is a piece in the puzzle to help you ‘crack the code’ to growth.

It’s an epic mission. I knew from the start we’d need help. But WHO could reveal the answers?

And then it came to me.

You can count on a nerd to solve the problem. So I went looking for nerds, and it turns out they’re everywhere!

Like this founder of a $250 mill internet business...

"“I always start with the marketing first. Even before I build the product. And a lot of people go, oh, we should think about marketing later. Before we build the product, we need to form this up. Amazon does this great. You want to build a new product, you have to write a press release - a one-page press release before you even begin. I was just at Amazon's office in New York.”

And this former venture capitalist who’s now the CEO of a public company...

“Well no, we got up well over a billion-dollar market cap, you know, through that education and storytelling. We got Australian investors to understand these type of technology businesses by looking at the growth of your top line rather than the profit and loss of your bottom line.”

I talk to experts who nerd out with technical solutions…

“The key thing for brand identity is fix and flex. Is that 'nerdy' thing? That's nerdy, that's very nerdy. We're into the 'brand nerd' territory here.”

And we have fun with segments like this...

"The 'Nerdometer'. A rating out of ten, how nerdy are you? I say I'm probably up there, maybe eleven. Eleven! Oh my god, you've broken the Nerdometer. There you go, you've some applause."

You’ll hear amazing insights. You’ll feel inspired. And you’ll learn actionable strategies to power the growth of your own business.

So join me, fortnightly on Tuesdays. Subscribe to Nerds of Business, FREE where ever you get your podcasts.


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Season 1
1. trailer ‘Nerds Of Business’ – Podcast Trailer
1. #1. How to create a $100 million brand: the secret to designing a brand identity so good it can take you from start-up to the ‘rich list’
2. #2. Brand positioning: how to ‘carve out’ market share & annoy the hell out of your competitors
3. #3. How to launch a brand (or startup / product) with no money, get attention, & look like a complete superstar!
4. #4. Rebranding is HOT: when is the right time for you, & how to make it work for staff, customers & shareholders
5. #5. How to grow ‘brand awareness’ for maximum impact, with the least amount of effort
6. #6. How to use ‘brand equity’ to fatten profits & extract a higher sale price for your business upon exit
7. #7. Brand loyalty: how to turn ‘customers’ into raving ‘fans’ who grow the business for you!
8. #8. B2B branding: how it’s different, and what you can do to be #1 in your B2B market
9. #9. Uh-oh brand damage: what to do when your brand turns to sh*t
10. bonus #10. UNCUT: How to get & keep ‘momentum’ in your business w/ Mike Berland
11. bonus UNCUT: The ‘mindset secrets’ of top entrepreneurs revealed – part 1
12. bonus UNCUT: The mindset secrets of top entrepreneurs – part 2
Season 2
13. #13. Product ideation: how to ‘think’ your way to a BILLION dollar business idea
14. #14. How to validate your product idea, & avoid creating a ‘money pit’ that destroys your life!
15. #15. Product planning: how to develop your ‘idea’ into a real thing people will actually buy
16. #16. Prototyping is fun! How to bring your product (or service) to life for testing and production
17. #17. The I.P Conundrum: when – or even if – to protect your business with patents & trademarks
18. #18. Sourcing & manufacturing: how to build out (or improve) a supply chain for your business or start up
19. #19. We need to talk about ‘Business Models’: choosing the right pricing & distribution for your product
20. #20. Raising capital for startups: how, when – & what venture capitalists look for in a product
21. #21. Seller beware! Navigating the pro’s & con’s of E-commerce & online distribution platforms
22. #22. Launch marketing: how to promote your new product or service to market for the first time
23. bonus UNCUT: Elite Australian business coach Kerwin Rae – part 1
24. bonus UNCUT: Elite Australian business coach Kerwin Rae – part 2
Season 3
25. trailer Season 3 Trailer: “Mindset of the disruptive entrepreneur”
26. #26. How ‘disruptive’ entrepreneurs are using resilience to power a winning mindset
27. #27. How to harness entrepreneurial creativity to disrupt markets & smash your competitors!