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Improving your customer journey with onboarding will be hard without knowing these three things
Episode 177th March 2022 • Retention & Referrals Made Simple • Jodi and Darryl Bueckert
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Improving your customer journey with onboarding will be hard without knowing these three things.

You might be thinking, if I just got more leads, just had a better on-boarding process that would solve your customer journey needs.

Instead there are three things we want you to know as you scale your business so that your clients feel the way you want them to feel when they work with you.

These three pivots will change everything in your business and you serve your clients and as you scale your revenue.

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In this episode:

  • What most people think of when it comes to a customer journey and how a lot of business owner are missing out on opportunities.
  • The four main phase of the Client journey that our clients use to build longterm clients and more referrals.
  • Consider these 3 things before you perfect your client fulfillment checklist, or put time into building an onboarding email sequence.

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