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Myth 7 and Myth 8 about Climate Change
Episode 159th August 2022 • CarbonSessions • The Carbon Almanac Podcast Network
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Episode Summary: In this episode, we talked about how 2 other myths about Climate Change which are Styrofoam (can be recycled) and the ozone layer (as being the cause of climate change)

Featuring Carbon Almanac Contributors Jenn Swanson, Inma Lopez and Leekei Tang. 

From Langley in British Columbia, Canada, Jenn is a Minister, Coach, Writer and Community Connector, helping people help themselves. 

Imma is from Cádiz in the South of Spain, living in Aberdeen, Scotland. Imma is a sommelier, a poet, a podcaster, a mother, a slow food advocate, and an animist activist.

Leekei is a fashion business founder, a business coach, an international development expert and a podcaster from Paris, France.

Jenn and Inma discuss myth 7, which is a Styrofoam cup or takeout container placed in recycling bins helps the environment. It is not true. Styrofoam contains mainly air, the fraction of plastic is too small to be recycled

Jenn and Leekei discuss myth 8, which is depleting ozone is the principal cause of climate change. Again it is a myth. Ozone loss is not the cause of climate change. 

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