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Marvelous (back matter) w/ Emily Buza and Jay Edidin
Episode 38th August 2023 • Team-Up Moves • Fiona Hopkins and Stephanie Burt
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Let’s do some talking about S. Donnelly and Hannah Rogers’ Marvelous!

Our guests, Emily Buza and Jay Edidin, who you know from their respective podcasts Whelmed: The Young Justice Files and Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, are with us to talk character creation, what makes this game tick, and give some comic book recommendations that fit with our characters and the kind of deconstructed superhero narratives of Marvelous.

Marvelous is a Belonging Outside Belonging game of teen heroes, villains, and mundane friends. Find out more and get the game:

Back Issues

  • STARMAN by James Robinson and Tony Harris (DC Comics, 1994)
  • X-MEN: EVOLUTION (animated television) (2000)
  • SEANCE TEA PARTY (graphic novel) by Reimena Yee (2020)
  • SNAPDRAGON (graphic novel) by Kat Leyh (2020)
  • MAMO by Sas Milledge (Boom! Studios, 2021)
  • DC SUPERHERO GIRLS (animated television) (2019)
  • SABRIEL (novel) by Garth Nix (1995)
  • RUNAWAYS by Rainbow Rowell and Nico Leon (2017)
  • THE WEE FREE MEN (novel) by Terry Pratchett (2009)
  • JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS by Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell (IDW, 2015)

The Cast

Emily Buza (she/her, Twitter, Instagram) — Beatrice “Trixie” O’Neill

Jay Edidin (he/him, Twitter, Tumblr, Linktree) — Alex North

Stephanie Burt (she/her, @accommodatingly/ — Thalia Mews (“Amphitrite”)

Fiona Hopkins (she/her, @fionawhim/ — Brethyn Beachum

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