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327 - How to Choose the Right Topic for Your Membership
Episode 32712th October 2021 • The Membership Guys Podcast with Mike Morrison • The Membership Guys
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If you’re thinking about starting a membership site, the very first decision you need to make is what it’s about.

Your choice of topic is fundamental to your success. A good choice is a strong foundation. A poor choice will lead to an uphill battle you really don’t want to tackle.

But how do you make the right choice?

Tune in to this episode to hear the crucial elements that make a good membership topic idea. We cover why you need some expertise and what to do if you aren’t an expert. We also discuss why you should pick an evergreen topic if you want to be in this for the long haul, and much more!

Essential Learning Points:   

  • Why your choice of topic is essential
  • Why you should chasing avoid any fads    
  • The importance of picking a topic you have some expertise in
  • How to pick a topic that’s evergreen
  • Why you need to love your topic
  • What to do if your membership idea doesn’t tick all the boxes

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Key Quotes:

“If you make the wrong decision about your membership topic, then that pretty much means that anything else you do is built on a pretty unstable foundation.”

“Most online memberships will involve tapping into your knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise to help someone accomplish something to learn something to make progress towards a specific goal result or outcome.”

“If you've got a real passion and enthusiasm for your topic, then the idea that you get to eat, sleep and breathe this subject day in day out for years to come will be absolute perfection.”

“In an ideal world, your topic should really be something specific, something niche, as opposed to something generic.”