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Podcaster Stories - Danny Brown BONUS EPISODE, 7th August 2020
Who'd You Like to Appear on Podcaster Stories?
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Who'd You Like to Appear on Podcaster Stories?

Four months in, and there's been a great collection of guests already. From talking about alcohol addiction, to how to promote science in an increasingly anti-science world, to inspiring kids through education, and much more - it's been a pleasure so far!

I have some great guests coming up in the next few weeks and months, but I'd also like to hear from you - who would you like to see appear on the show?

Simply head on over to Podcaster Stories, and click on the Contact tab in the navigation bar. There. you'll find a simple form to fill in, and send on over to me.

The show's also getting great feedback and reviews, so thank you so much for that! If you enjoy the show, I'd love for you to leave a review on iTunes so other listeners can find the show too.

Thanks again for being part of the show, and I'll speak to you soon.

Contact me: danny@podcasterstories.com

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