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The Mastermind Project - Episode #38 - Momentum System
Episode 3821st November 2022 • The Mastermind Project • Brian McRae
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The Mastermind Project:

A Shared Learning Event Helping You Win at Work & Home

We've heard you loud and're craving live interaction—and we're giving it to you in 2022.

We're now producing Mastermind Project a hybrid format, so you can attend live in St. Louis OR online wherever you are.

However you prefer to attend, register now to be kept in the loop!

October: Transforming Disruption into Opportunity

Join us for October's Mastermind Project as we welcome special guest Michael Patrick Burke, who'll be showing us how to transform disruption into opportunity so you can:

  • Respond to challenges with clear-headed, laser-focused action
  • Live, lead and achieve with confidence & ease versus struggle & fight
  • Get the best results at work without compromising personal happiness
  • Take full advantage of living your life with success, health and happiness
  • Use thought command to ensure your mind is your greatest resource, rather than a liability creating self-imposed limits


Increased Confidence, Less Stress

By flipping the script on my Saboteurs I have decreased the stress of running a business. There is a noticeable increase in confidence to handle more of life’s stressors.

~ Jeanet Wade, Business Owner and Author

More Clarity, Focus, and Ease

Michael’s “bedside manner” and approach is highly conducive to gaining critical insights. As a result, everyday, I am responding differently to the stresses and issues that pop up. I increasingly approach challenges with clarity, focus and more ease.

Michael’s coaching is a key factor in this change and with him as “the guide by my side” I quickly identify and understand Saboteurs and switch to Sage.

~John Gross, Business Owner

Better Human, Coach, and Facilitator

With Michael as my coach, I clearly understand PQ principles and immediately apply them with the highest degree of effectiveness. Simply put, I’ve become a better human, coach, and facilitator. This experience has helped me so much, I share it with everyone.

The best decision I ever made.

~Sonya Jury, Business Owner

Handling a Life-Altering Diagnosis with Ease and Grace

With his unique background Mike became my beacon of light. When he says: “I understand you” it really means something. I went through a big personal transformation and can now manage whatever comes my way with ease and grace.

~Anja Riemer-Grobe, Business Owner, Mother of Two, MS Thriver


Register now for October's (live OR online) Mastermind Project, happening on 10/20.

Remember, you can attend either LIVE IN-PERSON in St. Louis, or online from the comfort of your home or office. (And if you attend in person, you can take advantage of our pre-event networking!)


The Mastermind Project is a shared learning and networking event that meets monthly--accessible both online or live in St. Louis. There's no cost to attend.

Held from 10:00-11:30a on the 3rd Thursday of each month (except December), the event shares provides practical wisdom, relatable ways to communicate, and a variety of approaches for personal and professional growth, while also connecting you with other like-minded professionals.

It's a combination that naturally helps you build your very own radically referable business, where you can move away from the stress of constantly "chasing" business and instead enjoy having ideal clients and strategic partners that refer you often so you can focus on doing what you do best: providing massive value and expertise in your industry.

Sessions answer questions like:

~ How can I reignite my passion for work and be happier at home?

~ Is it possible to be successful without working in, or on, my business 24/7?

~ How can I strengthen both my personal & professional relationships?

~ Can I still be "who I am" while creating a referral network?

~ What can I do to build my strengths in a way that will get me results?

~ How can I become a go-to person in my industry?


Brian McRae is an award-winning mortgage loan officer who recognized that business people needed another channel to build their livelihoods. To answer this need, in 2011 Brian launched a live monthly event—hosted in his hometown of St. Louis—geared toward professional service providers who depend on referrals for their viability. Brian has since helped countless people make their businesses radically referable and successful with this shared learning and networking event designed to build YOUR business.

Mastermind Project celebrates its 11th anniversary in 2022 and continues on with the same spirit and heart that has attracted and helped thousands over the last decade.

The event's mission has always been to bring business owners and service professionals together to share their best business-building tips, grow and learn from each other, and consistently raise the bar for themselves and others.


"I love that this event dives deeper into the subject matter of referrals. The panels consist of real people who struggled with the same obstacles as everyone else, and implemented changes to their practices that helped turn things around."

"I attended Mastermind yesterday for the 2nd time, and the time I spent with you and so many others was the highlight of my month, professionally. I love the insights that you bring to us from thought leaders and I so appreciate your teaching style. The way you incorporate the activity in with the lesson is so powerful! Thank you so much for creating the event." - David Noble

"I’ve been attending Mastermind for more than 10 years. So many people have blessed me personally and professionally through connections made at this event." - Dan Luigs


Accelerate Coaching

Insurance Store Inc.

Integrity Title Solutions

The McRae Mortgage Team

St. Louis Real Producers



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