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SBfm23 – Your Old School School Video is Dead with James Pizarro
19th June 2019 • SchneiderB.FM • Brendan Schneider
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Welcome to Episode 23 where my guest today is James Pizarro. James is the Creative Director at Red Bicycle Media, a video production company located in northeast Ohio. I was first introduced to James through a mutual friend, and then when I checked out the sample videos on his website I was completely blown away.

I was really struck by a video they launched recently for a local school, and we talk about that in this episode. The big question that we tackle in this episode is: “Is your old-school school video dead?” and why we both believe that it is. We offer and share where school video development is going, what you should look for and what you should think about.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover
  • Discussion about a recent video Red Bicycle Media completed for Lawrence School
  • Video is about a journey of a child that has had unidentifiable struggles in school
  • Film focuses on both the child’s and the mother’s journey, especially wondering why her child is falling behind, i.e. is he just lazy or does he not “get” school?
  • Story tracks the child’s progress as he enrolls in a new school and how he comes to succeed in the new school environment
  • How the film helps support children who don’t have funds for tutoring
  • Why old-school videos are dead
  • Why you should integrate a great story and character into your school videos
  • What you should spend most of your time on when developing your video
  • Who should get involved when developing your videos
  • The most important question you should ask yourself when developing your video (hint: hot button)
  • Benefits vs. features
  • Why you need to be clear about the target persona
  • Why schools aren’t embracing storytelling videos
  • How to get started creating a new video for your school
  • How long it takes to turn around a good quality video
  • How to prepare to make a new video
  • The ideal length for a school video
  • Different types of school videos
  • Positive results when you “get it right”
Links and resources mentioned in this episode

Lawrence School Video

How to find today’s guest:

James Pizarro, Principal, Director & Director of Photography, Red Bicycle Media



James’ bio:

James Pizarro started Red Bicycle Media in 2008 and has worked with Flexjet and Westin Hotels. His main focus has been on creating contest that is emotion based and story driven.  He Non-Profit work has included MedWish, NEOPAT, Good Samaritan Hunger Center and Organizations that work with Dyslexia.  He also has worked on several feature films.

James is married and has three boys and currently lives in North East Ohio.

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