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Conversation with the Rabbi - Rabbi Michael Beyo | PHX.fm EPISODE 16, 23rd September 2021
Music and Mysticism with Jason Caplan of the Universal Language Room
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Music and Mysticism with Jason Caplan of the Universal Language Room

Rabbi Michael Beyo and Dr. Adrian McIntyre talk with Jason Caplan about his spiritual journey through Torah and music, his creation of the Universal Language Room, and the writings of Rabbi Abulafia.

Jason Caplan is an entrepreneur, musician, and founder of The Bridge Institute and Beit Abulafia. He has devoted his life to interpersonal communication and bridge building through improvisational music. In 2004 Jason began to create and implement The Universal Language Room, a musical experience that guides participants to exchange ideas and communicate through melody and rhythm. No music background is required. Facilitators show individuals how to create simple melodic statements and share them in a dynamic and fun experience.

Participants in the Universal Language Room enjoy the music interaction within the group and engage with each other. Each session leads to a greater sense of well-being, belonging, and community. Jason's musical work and the Universal Language Room is inspired by his ongoing study and engagement with the mystical teachings of Rabbi Abraham Abulafia. Jason also leads his music group, Naqshon's Leap, a multi-faith music group in Memphis, TN. Follow Jason Caplan on Facebook and Twitter.

Conversation with the Rabbi is a project of the East Valley Jewish Community Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, neighborhood organization that has served individuals and families inclusive of all races, religions, and cultures since 1972. Visit us online at https://www.evjcc.org

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