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Powered By Primus Podcast - TEAM PRIMUS EPISODE 5, 23rd March 2020
Powered by Primus Podcast Episode 5
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Powered by Primus Podcast Episode 5

This is episode 5, and this week we are each coming to you remotely, as the US remains on lockdown. Today I am joined by Kevin and Wes, but this marks the debut to the podcast by Eric…our resident Metroplex Master. Eric, please just give us a bit of background with your love of Transformers and how you got into the game

So Today we are going to be discussing Stratagems, and their new place in the Game. Then we will make our way back to the Hall of Records for another Transmissions from Iacon with Wes. This week he will be discussing the high-flying antics of the Aerialbots. Then Last but not least we will each talk about some fun Jank Ideas we’ve been working on as we remain isolated from the rest of the world.  

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