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50. Are You Really Bad at Telling Stories? 3 Signs That You’re a Boring Storyteller and How to Fix It
Episode 5015th July 2024 • Her Spoken Image • April Lokar | Thought Leadership Consultant
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Hey, friend! We talk a lot about storytelling on this podcast. If you want to be a memorable communicator, you have to be an effective storyteller. How do you know if you are really bad at telling stories? That’s what we are talking about today. In this episode, I share three signs that you’re a boring storytelling and share some tips to help you change that. 

Main Topics Covered in Today's Episode:

  • 3 signs you’re really bad at telling stories
  • How to fix those storytelling mistakes so you’re not boring your audience

Resources Mentioned in Today's Episode:

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  • Authentic Anecdotes

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