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Seeking Sustainability LIVE (SSL) - jjwalsh / InboundAmbassador EPISODE 197, 1st March 2021
Japanese Plant-Based-Feminist-Father-Author Shu Matsuo Post
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Japanese Plant-Based-Feminist-Father-Author Shu Matsuo Post

Shu Matsuo Post is a successful businessperson, plant-based vegan endurance athlete, new father and self-proclaimed feminist who published his first book "I Took Her Name" about his journey to calling himself a feminist and his lessons for boys and men about what that means.

I Took Her Name is filled with interesting and insightful stories from Shu's life which has made him feel caged in society's demands of how he should behave as a man. He also tells stories about questioning these "roles" dictated by culture and societal norms in Japan and whether it was how he wanted to live a meaningful life.

It is also a love story of his deep relationship with his girlfriend and now wife who helped him along his journey.