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Stand out online and elevate above the noise with the power of your voice in a saturated market - with Angela Sundust
Episode 319th January 2022 • The Guri Show • Gurvinder Kaur
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Hey everone! welcome to The Guri Show Podcast- Season 2. I'm your host - Gurvinder Kaur [Guri], connect with me on Instagram . Sign up to freebies here:

In today's episode we discuss how to "stand out online and elevate above the noise with the power of speaking in a saturated market" - with Angela Sundust. Angela is a Live Launch Expert and Business Strategist. She helps Service-Based Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses Through Live Launches and a 1:Many Signature Offer so They Can Scale Without Having a Large Audience. She is from Sweden but living right now in Spain.

In this episode we cover:

  • Why it's important for online business owners. coaches course creators to find their voice on social media.
  • Why it's difficult for most online entrepreneurs to stand out using the power of their voice.
  • One stereotype that kept Angela away from her desired life and from standing out as an expert for a very long time that she broke for herself. She crushed down her belief system around that belief that she was holding onto to create a successful business for herself.
  • One thing YOU CAN DO TODAY to STAND OUT and feel comfortable being visible on social media.
  • Angela shares ONE SIMPLE EXERCISE that you can follow along to reframe your limiting belief.

Do Sign up to her FREEBIE: 10 Ways To Elevate Above The Noise In a Saturated Market.



I started my online journey 3 years ago when I got tired of my job as a Truck Driver. I launched my passion online - Fitness. 

Had no idea what I was doing and of course, I struggled and did not sell anything. 

I then came across a company that had the solution to my problem, and I joined them and built a home fitness app and launch my app.

This was the turning point for me. I understood what an impact I made to my clients and I know then, I need to do this full time.

I was tired of try to figure out things on my own and said enough is enough and hired myself a Business Mentor.

I then launch my coaching business for women in menopause.

I sold all my programs with webinars and live challenges. And I mastered it, I was an expert.

I got an idea and did a challenge in swedish where I helpt female entrepreneurs craft a high-converting webinar and it was a success!

This changed my niche and I launched my Webinar 10k Formula in Sweden and then my signature offer. But I wanted to create a bigger impact so I turned to an international audience and launched my program in english in spring 2021

First I thought people might not listen since my english is not perfect but it's actually the other way around, it inspires them. If I can do this, in another language, they can do it!

I now sell everything and attract my dream client by the power of speaking.

I believe in the Power of speaking and use your zones of genius to attract the right clients and I'm proof you can do it without run ads, speak proper english, have a huge audience or spend hours on social media.

Thank you


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