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Step-by-step process for beginner Course Creators to finding the course idea that suits their niche.
Episode 314th January 2023 • The Guri Show • Gurvinder Kaur
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Disclaimer: this episode is for course creators and coaches who are new to this world and want to establish an understanding on how this space works. This is not for advanced level audience who are struggling to create and sell a transformational course/coaching program.

In this episode, you'll discover steps to

  • identifying a significant problem
  • finding the right solution
  • validating your course idea

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P.S: If you’re an unnoticed Course Creator or a Coach who is interested in finding out your intuitive message so you can connect with your tribe, make more money and have that impact in the world so we can leave this planet in a better shape, if not worse, connect with me on dm and let’s see if we can work on something together. Applications for 2023 one-on-one are open.

[Highlight: While there are a lot of successful online courses out there, there are still failed ones too. The truth is that regardless of that fact, a well created online course is a perpetual money-spinner that rakes in the cash decades after it was created.

What you need in reality is to create an online course that is drawn from what you are familiar with or passionate about.

Regardless, the idea for the online course must be profitable; it must be something that people are willing to buy. Bear in mind that people buy online courses because they help them solve a problem in the first place. So in order to choose the right kind of online course, you will need to do some brainstorming.]

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