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Getting Unstuck with Regenerative Enterprise
Episode 16th November 2023 • Natter & Gnaw by Clarion Call • Narrative Network
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"Having a spirit of collaboration and cooperation…is the antithesis of what our current economy. So our current economy is about competition….whereas principles embedded in nature around reciprocity, mutual aid and cooperation.. are so important for a new way."

In this episode we speak with Dr Dimity Podger, a national identity in Regeneration. In our conversation we explore systems change through a regenerative lens. Dimity brings a focus on developing an understanding of living systems so that we can design for mutual value creation for people, planet and communities. We explore what this is, where it gets stuck and how it gets unstuck.

Natter and Gnaw is a Clarion Call podcast for people working together for change that benefits people, place and planet. 

In series 2 we explore how to navigate the sticky bits when working together to change the world, with a focus on where people get stuck and how to get unstuck.




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