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Information security for queer people of color
Episode 315th June 2022 • QiA - Skeiv i Agder • Universitetet i Agder
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In today’s episode Lara Okafor and Tonje Moser talks information security for queer people of color and racism in queer communities in Norway. This episode is recorded in English.

Extra Credit:

On the Dangers of Stochastic Parrots: Can Language Models Be Too Big? (2021), by Emily M. Bender Listen to Emily M. Bender talk about the article.

Report presenting findings from the Queer Migrants in Norway research project (2020), by Helga Eggebø, Elisabeth Stubberud og Henrik Karlstrøm. English summary available on page 5 – 9.

Why Timnit Gebru Isn’t Waiting for Big Tech to Fix AI's Problems (2022) by Billy Perrigo.

Exploring Bias Against Women in Artificial Intelligence Practitioners' Views on Systems of Discrimination (2021), Master thesis by Cathrine Kieu Trang Bui.

Programmering er makt til å endre verden, foredrag av Cathrine Kieu Trang Bui.

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