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Podcast Movement Evolutions 2024 Review PLUS Industry Insider "Stupid Stuff!"
Episode 49th April 2024 • In & Around Podcasting • Mark Asquith, Danny Brown & Friends
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NOTE: Some of this audio is a little sketchy because it was recorded using some Bluetooth mics on site at Podcast Movement Evolutions 2024. Probably worth an upgrade...

As the podcasting industry descended on Los Angeles for Podcast Movement Evolutions, the talk centred around YouTube, podcast downloads in mobile games and the annual geek out over data thanks to The Infinite Dial and The Podnews Report Card.

But what was Podcast Movement Evolutions 2024 like, really? Let's review...


  • Podcast Movement Evolutions is a valuable event for both industry professionals and creators.
  • There is a need to clearly differentiate between industry-focused and creator-focused content at podcasting events.
  • Networking at the parties is a crucial aspect of podcasting events and can lead to valuable connections and opportunities.
  • Podcast Movement is a must-attend event for podcasters looking to expand their knowledge and network with industry leaders.
  • The 'Stupid Stuff in Podcasting' segment provides insights into the challenges and annoyances faced by podcasters in the industry.


  • 00:00 Sing along intro
  • 00:25 Podcast Movement Evolutions 2024 Review
  • 31:35 The Wave File
  • 32:10 LIVE Stupid Stuff in Podcasting with Industry Leaders
  • 52:07 Conclusion and Thank You to Listeners

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