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Brass Taxes - Caroline Creaghead with Brass Taxes EPISODE 12, 12th April 2021
Deirdre Mangan's Last Straw
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Deirdre Mangan's Last Straw

TV writer Deirdre Mangan had heard she needed to incorporate from her other entertainment industry friends, and went with a recommended accountant who ended up being more confusing and frustrating than helpful to her. Meanwhile, her partner Adam Newman had been a Brass Taxes client for years, and campaigned hard for her to make the switch. Rus and Caroline talk to them about her experience and how she was finally convinced.

Also in this episode, Brass Taxes' own Eric Stoddard joins Caroline to talk over everything you need to know about the Paycheck Protection Program and why you should look into it, which you can do at help.brasstaxes.com... it's free money for freelancers - go get it before it's too late!

This episode was produced and edited by Caroline Creaghead, also produced by Rus Garofalo. Theme music is "Settle Up" by Donwill, and our guests were Deirdre Mangan and Adam Newman.

Brass Taxes is a production of Brass Taxes, Inc.

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