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The Myth of the Perfect Therapist with Samantha Lee
Episode 2323rd July 2024 • Good Enough Counsellors • Josephine Hughes
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Is it true that you have to be "sorted" to be a counsellor? Josephine interviews Samantha Lee about her journey into private practice counselling and how she uses inner child therapy. Samantha shares her initial struggles and insecurities as a counsellor and how she overcame them. She discusses her experience with building a business page and finding her authentic voice through poetry and describes the importance of inner child work. The interview ends with a plea to therapists to consider what constitutes a "successful" private practice and how this is individual based on your circumstances.

In this episode:

  • Samantha's transition to being in private practice
  • Being open and honest about struggles and insecurities as a counsellor can help clients feel more comfortable and understood.
  • Inner child work can be a powerful tool in counselling, helping clients understand and heal from past experiences
  • Why therapists find it helpful to do their own inner child work before using it with clients
  • Building a private practice takes time and involves various stages and elements that need to be worked through gradually.
  • Success in private practice is not determined by the number of clients or working full-time, but by adapting the practice to suit individual needs and maintaining self-care.
  • Self-care and setting boundaries are crucial for therapists to avoid burnout and maintain their well-being.
  • Having multiple income streams, such as courses, can provide stability and support during challenging times.
  • It is important to prioritise long-term goals and consider how the private practice will be managed in the future.


counselling, therapist, inner child, struggles, authenticity, vulnerability, continuous professional development, learning, inner child work, personal growth, courses, private practice, self-care, boundaries


00:00 Introduction and Struggles as a Counsellor

04:04 Finding Authenticity Through Poetry

11:36 The Power of Inner Child Work

15:55 Embracing Vulnerability as a Counsellor

25:27 The Importance of Continuous Professional Development

26:28 The Power of Inner Child Work in Therapy

27:54 Creating Courses Based on Personal Experience

33:44 Challenges and Adaptation in Building a Private Practice

35:04 Self-Care and Setting Boundaries for Therapists

36:01 The Role of Multiple Income Streams in Private Practice

37:51 Prioritising Long-Term Goals in Private Practice

43:30 Self-Love and Being Your Own Number One Fan

45:25 Physical Health and Self-Care for Therapists

47:47 Avoiding Comparison and Pressure in Private Practice

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