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Victim Compensation Program in Arizona - Special Guest Shawna Michie
Episode 321st April 2023 • Criminal Justice Spotlight • Arizona Criminal Justice Commission
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In this episode of the Criminal Justice Spotlight podcast, Tony Vidale, Deputy Director at the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission, and Heather Bohnet, the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission’s Crime Victim Services Program Manager, are joined by Shawna Michie, Victim Compensation Bureau Chief for the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, to discuss the Victim Compensation Program in Arizona.

The Victim Compensation Program is designed to provide financial assistance to victims of crime who are in need. Heather and Shawna explain how the program works, the types of expenses that can be covered, and the process of applying for compensation. They also talk about the importance of the program in providing justice for victims, especially those who may not have the resources to cover expenses related to their victimization.

We also discuss Crime Victim Rights Week, a special week of recognition for victims of crime and those who work in victim compensation programs around the state. They highlight the critical work that victim compensation programs do and the impact that they have on the lives of victims and their families.

Throughout the episode, we emphasize the importance of providing support and resources for victims of crime and the role that victim compensation programs play in achieving that goal. They encourage listeners to get involved in their local victim compensation programs and to support victims in their communities.