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Dead America - Ed Watters BONUS EPISODE, 28th October 2020
Season 4 Starts next week

Season 4 Starts next week

I am so ready for this awesome season of Dead America Podcast! Come over we are still recording episodes. Get on the show now.



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Wed, 10/28 5:54PM • 10:01


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Ja'Quintin Means, Dr. Twyla Dell Ph.D., Ed Watters, Jacqueline Maddison

Ed Watters 00:10

To overcome, you must educate. Educate not only yourself, but educate anyone seeking to learn. We are all Dead America, we can all learn something. To learn, we must challenge what we already understand. The way we do that is through conversation. Sometimes we have conversations with others. However, some of the best conversations happen with ourselves. Reach Out and challenge yourself. Let's dive in and learn something right now. Welcome to this episode of Dead America podcast. This is the announcement episode for season four. We're super excited, and we can't wait to share all of the exciting episodes we have for you. Our opening episode Ja' Quintin Means we talk about his new book, Willie, awesome book. And I can't wait for you to pick up a copy and read this exciting book, Willie, let's listen in to just a little bit of our conversation with Ja' Quintin Means. So let's talk about the artwork on the book. To me, the scenario the place in time doesn't actually fit what the cover art suggests. Why did you choose a cover art in that manner in that fashion?

Ja'Quintin Means 02:00

 Um, I forget the word for it. I think it's called of a an anachronism when you put something out of place in a different time period. So I did that on purpose to kind of show how the things that are going on in the book, of course, it's a historical fiction. But the same thought process is the same situations that we deal with psychologically, are very much alive and well today. And I also wanted that cover to reach out to the younger black community too, because it doesn't necessarily give away what the inside of the book says. So I kind of wanted this wow factor to where, you know, you look at the cover and you kind of like Okay, I see this, you know, Native American Girl, this white girl, these two black kids in the middle of the woods. I What is this about? But then when you read the book, you understand more about the characters and the timeframes and it starts to make a little bit more sense to you. So it's more of like a blending of that the the old times but still modern day thinking like we we would like to believe that we don't think how the slave masters of back then thought or how the slaves back then thought or how the slave catchers and, and the slave drivers of back then thought, but it realistically, we would have the same issues and problems we did today if we did not still think like them. So that was really what I was trying to get across with that cover.

Ed Watters 03:27

That was awesome. I hope you enjoyed that. And I can't wait for you to hear that episode. November 4th. Willie, with Ja' Quintin Means, don't miss it. Now, if that wasn't enough for you, on November 11th, we release an episode with Jacqueline Maddison. This young lady is taking the world by storm. She is the owner and editor in chief of the Beverly Hills magazine. Super excited for you to hear that spectacular episode. Let's listen in to just a little bit on Jacqueline Maddison's interview.

Jacqueline Maddison 04:08

Everyone's been so caught up and in money and materialism kind of somehow being a definer of success which money may be a part of your destiny and life path. But but it's not necessarily a requirement of the definition of success. Okay. Success is becoming who God created you to be. You know you yourself are the seed of success that has to be developed and grown and transformed. And in order to thrive and blossom into who God created you to be utilizing your gifts and talents and reaching your full potential. You know, and it's in this place of your own personal transformation in your relationship with God, where you succeed where the work of your hands is prospered by God because you're working with him

Ed Watters 05:00

A very successful but humble young lady. Awesome. Don't miss Jacqueline Maddison's episode, airing November 11th. Then on November 18th, we sat down with Dr. Twyla Dell PhD. And we discussed climate change, and the need and the obsession for fuels. You don't want to miss this episode. It's unique. It's powerful, and it's filled full of information for you to understand climate change just a little bit better. Let's listen in to Dr. Dell's interview just a little bit.

Dr. Twyla Dell Ph.D. 05:47

every gallon of gasoline, we burn leaves behind 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. And you go, What!? Who says that? Well, it's true, the Energy Information Agency and the EPA have both measured this and various other scientific agencies. That a gallon of gasoline when burned, leaves behind 20 pounds of co2, you don't see that coming out of your pipe. tailpipe because the particulates are very fine. But that's what happens. So you buy a tank of gasoline, say 15 gallons, each one of those burns 20 pounds. So 20 times 15, that's 300 pounds of carbon dioxide you are going to leave behind for every tank of gasoline. Suppose you burn a tank of gasoline a week, 15 gallons, you know, 300 pounds times 52. That's 15,000 pounds. Really? Is that what you want to be doing? If you had seen that piece of information, when you bought the car, you know you're in the show room spotlights on this gorgeous vehicle. And by any stretch, it is a gorgeous piece of engineering. You have the sticker on the left rear window. And it tells you EPA says this. And some other scientific agency says that and you're going to pay this amount and you go, Gulp, that's going to be 25 hundred dollars worth of gasoline. And of course I'm going to pay it because this is how we live. And you're going to get so many miles to the gallon. And this is the EPA standards. But does it say anywhere on there, Oh, by the way, for every gallon of gasoline you burn through this vehicle, you're gonna leave behind 20 pounds of carbon dioxide? No, it doesn't say that. If it did, you'd say, wait a minute, wait a minute. I don't want to do that. How do I drive without doing that? That's the big question that faces us. Now, you have to go to a hybrid, you have to go to an electric, you will walk you stay home and zoom. These are our alternatives. That's the way we have to go. And we have to push that very quickly. In the next five years, we go from one and a half percent of electric cars to say 10% by next year to 25% by the following year, you understand me? This is a major revolution that lies ahead of us. And it has to be pushed by knowledgeable consumers. And that is what our future looks like or not. If you don't wish to do that you stay in the 20th century where we are now. Because as long as fossil fuel driving cars are running around, we haven't entered the 21st century

Ed Watters 08:51

 Awesome interview. And I can't wait for you to hear that full interview. Tune in on November 18th for Dr. Twyla Dell's interview in its entirety. And we've got so many more that we are working on right now. To bring to you in later episodes. Make sure you tune in next week. Right here. Dead America for an exciting episode. Ed Watters out. Thank you for joining us today. If you found this podcast enlightening, entertaining, educational in any way. Please Share, Like subscribe, and join us right back here next week for another great episode of Dead America podcast. I'm Ed Watters your host Enjoy your afternoon wherever you may be

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