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Dead America - Ed Watters EPISODE 4, 23rd June 2021
Win Charles

Win Charles

In this episode, we speak with Win Charles. We start with the introduction of Win. Win lets us know that she does what she does to help educate the world about cerebral palsy. When she tells us about how she is continuing her journalism path for a better life, we talk about the different types of CP. Win tells us about her traumatic brain injury. We also learn that there are three types of CP. We also find out that CPE is an umbrella term. Win was surprised when on how deep we took a look into CP. Win talks about some of her friends with CP. CP has three types, but also it has three different types of injuries. We break down the percentage based on the type of CP Win tells us about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her family member. We find that disabled people suffer a lot of abuse. We talked about Wins podcast and the tools that she usesCalendly to help get it done. Win tells us that the national cerebral palsy color is green, and Win often refers to it as the little green monster we learn when and Danniel met at the Challenge Aspen. Please find out more at www.challengeaspen.org. We talked to Win about the beginnings of her podcast. We talk about using calendly for automation purposes for your podcast. Win tells us she has behind-the-scenes editors that help her out. We discussed helping others is a good thing. We talked about podcasting can be expensive, but it gives back a lot. We ask how do you use podcasting for change? We had a real good conversation with Win Charles, and we hope you enjoyed the episode. Thank you for joining us.



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