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Dead America - Ed Watters EPISODE 8, 21st July 2021
John Lee

John Lee

We end season six with a treat! Podcasters, you need your own App!

I have my App, and I love it!


In today's episode, we speak with John Lee from custommobile.app. Some of the things that we discuss in this episode include john introduces himself and custom mobile dot app. We discussed what got john interested in podcasting. John talks about discovering what wasn't working and pivoting towards something new. podcasters don't have enough tools that they really need. John talks about how he makes it affordable for podcasters. To incorporate an app into their podcast. JOHN talks about the power of communities. John discusses the different tiers available for your needs. With his services. We talk about the features you can incorporate into your app. John tells us that he can make your app for any language. You can have exclusive access for your listeners through your membership on your app. You can sell items on your app. You have your personal social feed, just like Facebook, just for you and your members inside your mobile app. John tells us about WordPress integration for a single point publishing within WordPress. We discuss the power of your call to action. And john says people will come for your content, but they will stay for the community. This was a great discussion with john. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you




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