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A Short Podcast With Big Impact With Carey Green
Episode 9115th November 2021 • Causepods • The Podcast Consultant
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Have you ever considered a daily podcast? 

It’s a podcast category that is often overlooked because of what seems like too much work. But, under the right circumstance, it can be the perfect tool to provide short, daily value to a demographic you want to reach. Made famous by John Lee Dumas with Entrepreneurs on Fire, it ushered in proof that it can be done and successful. 

Our guest today Carey Green has shown that it can succeed in a category that often seems saturated, like religion and faith. Morning Mindset Daily Christian Devotional is an excellent niche carved out with a unique value proposition.  

Key Topics:

  • How did faith get combined into podcasting (1:20)
  • What did the competition look like when the Podcast launched (2:00)
  • How are the six-minute episodes structured (2:44)
  • What is the big takeaway from producing your Podcast (3:57)
  • What does the scheduling look like for a daily podcast (5:31)
  • What have you done to grow the Podcast (6:18)
  • Who do you think about when you talk into the microphone for the audience (7:40)
  • When it comes to Video, how does it fit into Podcast (8:38)
  • What makes Not A Needy Person the charity of choice (11:06)

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