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Is Pressure Stopping You Or Igniting You - Victoria Hepburn
Episode 3324th November 2022 • The Abundance Journey: Accelerating Revenue With An Abundance Mindset • Elaine Starling
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Has your corporate job got you stressed out and stuck?  Victoria Hepburn shows you how to leverage the constant pressure of your busy job to ignite your drive and thrive. 

This engaging conversation discusses the Triple Bottom Line busy professionals must track to ensure they are fulfilled and empowered.  We share tips and techniques to help you de-stress in seconds so you continually show up as your highest self and deliver top notch results.

About the Guest:

Remote Career Strategist Victoria Hepburn, PCC, is a bestselling author, speaker, and certified business transitions coach. She has nearly 20 years of award-winning experience in Fortune 500 engineering and sales roles, working remotely, hybrid, and on global virtual teams. Victoria shows professionals how to create efficiencies in their lives and business to stay visible and valued wherever they work - remote, on-site, or anything in between.

Her book “Pressure Makes Diamonds: Simple Habits for Busy Professionals to Break the Burnout Cycle” is available on Audible and Amazon. Her upcoming book series, “The Future is Now,” will be available on Amazon on November 30, 2022.

Free Gift Link: Free Gift: Join Victoria Hepburn's Newsletter Community and get an exclusive copy of the latest, unreleased book "Unlock Productivity and Wellbeing at Work"

Please support Victoria Hepburn by implementing the ideas she shares in her book and tell her about it.

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About the Host, Elaine Starling:

An international TEDx speaker, bestselling author, coach and mentor, Elaine Starling is recognized for her video show and podcast, The Abundance Journey. After a comprehensive conversation with our higher power during a stroke, Elaine created The Abundance Journey 6 week course to share what she learned. As the Abundance Ambassador, Elaine mentors spiritual, growth-oriented women to align with Divine guidance to achieve their dreams. Elaine’s clients experience more clarity, confidence, and commit to action that achieves their goals. 

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TEDx Talk, “Abundance Is a Choice”


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TAJ Intro/Outro:

Welcome to The Abundance Journey, the show that helps spiritual entrepreneurs create an abundance mindset that accelerates revenue. Secretly, every few experience your life is actually abundance. Once you understand how to activate abundance, you find yourself in flow of your business and clients. So it's easy to create the revenue you want. The abundance journey is the only show that activates abundance for you. So you enjoy rapid results in your business. Here's your host, the abundance ambassador, Elaine Starling

Elaine Starling:

I got a question for you. Is pressure stopping you or igniting you? This is Elaine Starling. I'm the abundance ambassador and the host of the abundance Journey podcast and video show. Welcome. You are in for a huge treat today because I bring the best of the best abundance influencers to help you understand how you can just explode your business and explode your life and door every single moment of your life. Sounds good? Awesome. Well, I can't wait to have you meet remote work strategist, Victoria Hepburn. She's an author, a speaker and a certified business transitions coach. She specializes in remote work productivity and career development. Victoria is so good at helping professionals understand how to create efficiencies in their life and their business. So they're highly visible and valuable to every single person they speak with. And you know, the interesting thing about that, what I love that Victoria does, it's so unique. She takes that pressure that you're always under because you're trying to be your best. You're trying to really help your prospects and your clients. And she helps you turn that pressure into fuel that just excites and delights and puts you center stage. Victoria, I'm so glad you're here to join us today.

Victoria Hepburn:

Hi, Elaine, I am super excited to be here. It's just and that was an amazing introduction.

Elaine Starling:

Well, hey, I love chatting with people like you. It just lights me up, obviously, obviously. So I know you're really passionate about this, could you tell us you know why you're so excited to help people transform that pressure?

Victoria Hepburn:

Well, I love how my life works, the flexibility I have the relationships, the richness that I have. And I've been working from home for over 10 years now. And I did a pre pandemic, which a lot of people were like, why it existed? Yeah. And I did it mostly on very busy fast paced corporate teams. And I learned really quickly that burnout and the pain, the loss of relationships, they're hurt. And I do this work, because there's so many professionals out there who are now working remotely by choice or by force. And they don't necessarily haven't been told the skills that I learned from great mentors and amazing people along my journey, because I was in corporate sales. So there's always a mentor, there's always someone to tell you the right way and the not so right way to do things, and not always in the kindest way. But it helps me so I want to get out there and help more people get the skills because their skills. It's not like, you know, a magic wand.

Elaine Starling:

It is so interesting that you say that, because the biggest challenge I think we all face is you don't know what you don't know.

Victoria Hepburn:

Until you learn you don't know it, right? Yeah. You're just

Elaine Starling:

keep hitting a brick wall. And you're like, What the heck, I'm doing everything I can do, right. And it's only getting that outside perspective, that allows you to discover the skills and the tools that could really help you move the needle. So you're absolutely right. You know, obviously here at the abundance journey, we're talking about abundance, as you work with your clients. How do you define what abundance looks like? How does it show up for your clients?

Victoria Hepburn:

I encourage them to look at their life with a triple bottom line because I deal with business people, right? Everybody knows what the bottom line is. That's okay, what is the impact of all our efforts? What are we? What are our results, right? So there's a financial component, there's a health component, and there's a social component. So if you look at your life in a triple bottom line, abundance means that you're earning the money you want. You have the relationships you want, and you're making the impact you want.

Elaine Starling:

That's so important. You're right, it's not one or the other. You really need to have all three in order to feel like successful and fulfilled and excited about what you're doing. So thank you. I really appreciate that description. So obviously, a lot of people don't know what they don't know. So what's kind of the classic sign But somebody is in that space where they could really benefit from a different perspective.

Victoria Hepburn:

So a lot of people come to work with me when they realize that what they're doing working remote, especially leading remotely isn't working. So maybe they are trying to onboard new team members. They're trying to juggle all the meetings because the meetings are endless. Or they're just trying to figure out how to carve out time to do their stuff, and still have relationships with the people who make them snort, laugh and who they love, right? Like, it's that juggle, and they're like, I can't do this anymore. They can hit the proverbial wall. They might be selling suffering health consequences of burnout. That's usually when people come and say, Okay, there's gotta be a better way. And they find me somehow.

Elaine Starling:

Yeah, boy, what a bummer to have to hit burnout before you get help, right. But often, it takes that because we're so committed, we're so passionate about what we're doing. We're just head down in the trenches. And we keep going until we can't go anymore.

Victoria Hepburn:

Yeah, and I was that way too. So I don't know. Yeah.

Elaine Starling:

Oh, yeah. So what, what, what is kind of the outcome that people experience when they work with you? What shifts for them?

Victoria Hepburn:

Well, what a lot of my clients, a biggest shift that I take pride in is that they finally have more time. Like, I don't do anything to change their workload, whether they're corporate or entrepreneurial, I don't do anything, but help them shift their perspective on their challenge. And that's what the whole thing, my I love change, and how we adapt to change. I'm a nerd at heart. And so I like I use research and lived experience to help accelerate. And that's what they find is they have time, which also they get a new perspective, which allows them to achieve more. So my

Elaine Starling:

that's so key. That's so key. So I mean, one of the things that's ironic, right, there's always something inside, that we have to be willing to shift. In order to get that new perspective. What what is that missing piece that people have to shift?

Victoria Hepburn:

A lot of it comes from how we deal with the demands put on us, most of us who are high achievers, like I was a 16 year old valedictorian, I was that kid who was told, Oh, you got a 98 Well have another two points like, like, I have that kind of upbringing. So if I tend to attract people, kind of upbringing, too. And I have to help people rewire their relationship with being like people pleasing, or helping them rewire their relationship just to how they talk to themselves, right? Because we wouldn't let someone talk to our best friend, the way we talk to ourselves, we would be like, hey, they're right.

Elaine Starling:

That is huge. That is really huge self talk, is honestly, I think one of the key determinants of success in our lives, and our level of happiness, too. So yeah, you hit the nail right on the head. Now, obviously, everybody would love to be in to unstuck, and out of that overwhelm. And that breakdown yesterday, yesterday would be great. But it doesn't show up like that. There are baby steps to progress. So that you get to the other side, what's one or two baby steps that we ought to be paying attention to that shows us we're on the right track.

Victoria Hepburn:

I think the two that I talk about the most when I go out and I do corporate speaking or you know or association speaking is one have a centering practice, because we're emotionally triggered across our day. Like I don't know about you, but I had corporate roles where like by nine o'clock in the morning, because I worked with Europe by nine o'clock in the morning, I felt a little fry I needed tools to manage my energy because I had a I had a seven o'clock with Japan. So I needed to be able to show up and be my authentic self and think the whole day. And it was a centering practice that I had that got me through. One was body scan meditation before and at the end of my day, to get recognized that I'm holding my shoulders right under my ears that I'm hunting for posture that I didn't know I was clenching my ankles like at my feet, but that meditation helped me unclench and give me a physiological relax. Also to clear my head after meeting where I was told, Oh, you're not going to get that and your client is going to be in trouble and in my life felt like it was blowing up. I have my Heart Math quick coherence technique, which in minutes, you can shift from that negative emotion to neutral like you can't go to happy from negative but you can get back to neutral. So you don't take out your rage or your disappointment on the next meeting on the next people who not only don't deserve it, who will judge you for it. Right?

Elaine Starling:

Right. Right. Isn't that interesting? And I gotta say, You call me on I don't even realize I'm doing it, but I cross my ankles. And I think it's a little self, self nurturing, self calming gesture. And I don't even realize I'm doing it until my foot goes this way. So you totally caught me out. You know, Victoria, there's so many wonderful things that you're doing out in the world. And you very generously offered a free gift to the audience. Could you tell us a little bit about that free gift?

Victoria Hepburn:

Yes. So the free gift I'm offering today to your viewers and listeners are the next book that I'm releasing, it's unreleased so far. So it's exclusive only to people who subscribe to my email list. And I'll give you a link for the show notes. It's called unlock productivity and well being at work, both and of abundance, because we need to be productive to get the results in this fast paced world. But we also need to have our spirits and health intact.

Elaine Starling:

So true. So true, though, one of the things you might not know about the abundance journey, we always turn the tables on our guests, because we know that when we give is when we receive that's truly the ultimate and being able to receive as being willing to give. So what can we do Victoria to support you?

Victoria Hepburn:

I think the biggest thing is grab implement. I am on this mission, to see more people enjoy their lives and their work, to have their passion, passion, purpose, impact to actually feel it and embody it. Because I know as a corporate veteran, over 20 years in corporate America, and also on my entrepreneurial journey over the last three years, the better heart centered and purpose driven people do. it uplifts our planet. Yeah. So that's what I want to see out there.

Elaine Starling:

And the interesting thing is, it ripples back to you. Just you coming from your highest self and being the best person you can be. And, and empowering people to take action and shift things. I mean, I really heard what you had to say I'm going to activate abundance in just a second here. Because you said so many gems, and I always take notes of like writing all these ideas down that you shared with us today. And I can only pick one to activate. But thank you so much, Victoria. Thank you so much. And wow, we're gonna be doing some fun things together. I just know it.

Victoria Hepburn:

Absolutely. Thank you so much, Elaine, this was a fantastic experience.

Elaine Starling:

Okay, now stick around because we're going to activate abundance. So you see why I love Victoria Hepburn. I mean, seriously, this lady gets it. She's been there, she's been in the pressure cooker. I'm so grateful. That's step one, grateful that I have access to experts like this, who can give me some really cool tips that will leverage abundance across the board. So number one, step one with activate abundance is gratitude. And what I love about this gratitude, it immediately connects our energy. And it's more than your energy connected with Victoria, your energy is connected to me and connected to Victoria and connected to our networks. And if you haven't checked out my podcast on the three degrees of influence roll, check it out, because you are connected to millions of people, energetically, this is scientifically proven. And it really makes a difference when you connect your energy with high vibe people like Victoria. So yay, we're connected. That's number one, gratitude. Number two, acknowledge something you heard during the podcast that can really make a difference in your life. And I'm gonna own it. She talked about doing a body scan, that is so important to make sure that you are centered and grounded throughout the day, so that you leverage your energy and you gain more energy. So you can show up as your true authentic self. That's what's most needed is you being you. That's what the world wants. That's what will move the needle. So you've got to manage your energy and that body scan. Absolutely brilliant. I want to appreciate the difference that can make in my life. That's step three. Step one is gratitude. Step two is acknowledge step three is appreciate. I know that when I tap in and tune into my body and how I'm feeling and where my energy level is, then I can do something about it. I don't have to just keep going and going and going and pushing and pushing and pushing and pounding the coffee and hoping that I'll somehow managed to make it through the next meeting. No, no, no, no, no. I can tap in and I can energetically balanced my body again. Tap in with the Divine and replenish my energy and it takes seconds. seconds it takes hours to recover from the burnout seconds. to balance my energy, brilliant, brilliant reminder. Okay, step four, we're going to activate abundance, what do we do, we pick a trigger that we're going to remember to take that action, or we're going to put it on the calendar. So what I'm going to commit to doing to you, you heard it here first hold me accountable. Every hour, I want to get up and stretch and move and do some deep breathing, and tap into my heart. I want to reconnect with the divine. And just know that I am guided in every moment. And what is flowing through me is a message from the Divine for you. It's not me getting in the way. It's me getting out of the way. And as soon as I do that, oh, man, I feel so much better. Because it's not all on me. It's through me, makes all the difference in the world. So step five, Celebrate. Celebrate your progress. This is what it looks like when it's working. You get tips, you get connected, you get to collaborate with brilliant people who really, really want you to be successful. Awesome. This is Elaine Starling. Thank you so much for joining me on today's adventure journey. I'm sorry abundance journey. I don't even know the name of my own podcast. But you know what, I'm so excited. I'm so over the moon. It's no wonder I mess up the words every once in a while it doesn't matter. No, you've got the energy you need to have an incredible day and really boost your abundance. I'll see you next time.


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