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Radio Essentials Meets: Dave Cooper, Gaydio
Episode 43rd November 2021 • Radio Essentials • Radio Essentials / James Marriott
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Remember Remember... the podcast for November! Radio Essentials is back and this month our host James Marriott is chatting to Dave Cooper, one half of the new Gaydio breakfast line-up.

Dave's journey to breakfast radio is unusual and inspiring in equal measures. If you're an aspiring presenter looking to break into radio, this episode is definitely one for you.

We find out more about Gaydio, one of the most underrated radio stations in the country, and a brand which knows and serves its audience incredibly.

And of course, the big questions are - will Dave get full marks on Celebrity Birthdays? And how will be do on Jock Against The Clock after Jo stormed to the top of the leaderboard in October?

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