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The Rosie Chronicles: From Pit Parlor Plunge to Freedom
Episode 1824th August 2023 • The Small Dairy Podcast • Rich & Carol
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Hi, it's Carol, and I've got a farm story to share from yesterday, August 23, 2023. If you're following us on Facebook and Instagram, you probably already know what went down on the farm today. We had quite the excitement this morning when Rosie, one of our hefty cows weighing around 1200 pounds, had a little accident. You know our milking parlor has a pit that's about 3 feet deep? Well, Rosie somehow ended up taking a tumble into it. Our milking parlor isn't exactly designed for cow rescues, so we had to figure out how to get her out of there.

Here's the deal: Rosie usually doesn't get milked often, and today she was at the end of the milking line. But she's a bit too big for that spot, and she ended up backing herself into a tricky situation. Her hind legs ended up off the platform and in the pit. Lucky for me, I wasn't right there when it happened, or I might've been squashed.

After a bit of head-scratching, we tried to come up with solutions. We thought about everything from skid steers to construction cranes, but we decided to go for a more down-to-earth approach. We put together a ramp using some pallets and fence posts. And you know what got Rosie to come up that ramp? A little incentive in the form of calf starter grain. She followed that right out of the pit.

Our farm community on Facebook was awesome. We got a ton of suggestions and support. People mentioned everything from car ramps to hay bales, but our simple ramp idea did the trick. Rosie had a few scrapes, considering the fall she took, but she's doing okay.

So, that's the scoop on Rosie's unexpected adventure. She's back on her feet, her calf is doing well, and we're really appreciative of everyone's help and kind words. We'll keep you updated on Rosie's progress, and here's hoping for a successful lactation ahead!

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  • [00:00:36] Unexpected Cow Incident at Our Pit Parlor
  • [00:08:02] Update on Rosie's Health and Social Media Response




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