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Normalcy Fu*ks Up The Life You Desire
Episode 25th October 2020 • BE THE THING personal growth for maverick minds • Anita Sig
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Choosing a filtered, polished and dead boring version of you to fit a crowd that isn’t yours, for the likes of people that don’t light a fire in your soul, for a life way less than you desire

Let’s not create the life you desire, let’s not. Let’s rather choose the recipe for wild ones to fuck themselves over

I cannot understand why you choose a way more boring version of you to fit the normal crowd⠀

It’s preposterous… but here you are intelligent and all, this magical creature, unique in every way but noooo…. You choose to dilute your magic

You choose to curb everything that’s interesting and fascinating

And in the process kill your ability to create and manifest your deepest cravings in life

In the process you place a big fucking ice cap on your potential

Like you’re completely fine with giving a life that could be fuck yeah all day every day… giving the life you desire the middle finger ‘cause you love the more bland and boring version so fucking hard

I don’t understand

Why? When you can choose shenanigans… and dancing… and the unexpected… when you can choose the life you desire

But no… you still wonder what people want from you

And allow that to fuck with your genius

You start trying to create the perfect thing that’ll be a smashing hit only to box yourself in the shoulds of your business like everyone else and never be the damned THING

You start polishing yourself to become the THING of what you crave… polishing your edges and become some best version of you that’s definitely not your best version but some made up perfect image of a person you think you should be⠀⠀

And then perhaps your perfect client will like and love you, the perfect team or the perfect lover… but they’ll not be your perfect…. except perfect for what you believe you should want

When in reality… not in the ‘hope to come true future’ but in the present moment… no perfect anything shows up until you allow everything that lives inside of you

The wild, the magic and the mayhem… until you allow the THING you are but fear you’re not

Nothing real shows up until you allow the truth of what you crave uncoloured by all the things you believe you need

‘Cause you don’t need a fucking thing


It’s preposterous you don’t see that

It’s unfathomable you don’t allow that

When it’s key to all the things you want… key to the manifestation and flooding of things you’ve always craved but kept buried under things you should want and things you need to hide your fears

Well… well… gates to the PLAYGROUND you really crave only open when you become the MOTHERFUCKING THING howling inside of you

When you’re done with choosing boring

When you’re done with choosing what you think you should be

When you’re done with playing a game that’s not that interesting

When you’re done with not getting, having and rolling around in everything you desire


30 days of the motherfucking bomb to expand, crack open and level up your game in every fucking thing… to play in the PLAYGROUND of your dreams… as the MOTHERFUCKING THING you were born to be… where all the good shit happens

You and me… a 30 day intensive to level the fuck up in all the things




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