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The Mastering Power Fantasy Podcast - LeadVonE EPISODE 1, 11th February 2020
MPF 1: My $160,000 Writing Project

MPF 1: My $160,000 Writing Project

In this first episode... I achieve a break-through epiphany with my writing, LeadVonE.com gets a makeover, and Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches — chapter 57 goes live.

For the last five years, I've worked on my writing to the exclusion of everything else — even when I wasn't writing. That changes now. Follow me as I create deep fantasy worlds with focused, goal-driven protagonists, all while building a small marketing empire to sell them to the world.

My name is LeadVonE, and this is Mastering Power Fantasy.


Richard Struggle — Evacuate the Masquerade

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1. MPF 1: My $160,000 Writing Project