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From Hollywood to Bollywood Composing with Rianjali Bhowmick
Episode 1324th May 2022 • Voices Behind The Music • Feed Media Group
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Imagine putting out a song on Soundcloud and getting discovered by one of the biggest composers of all time. Well, that’s what happened to today’s guest Rianjali Bhowmick. Her story of getting discovered is truly magical, but as she talks to Jeff about it, her life wasn’t always that way! In fact, it came at a really difficult time for her. 

Fast forward and her career has launched to include singing at Citifield, performing with Bono, composing for Netflix, and so much more. Learn all about what her journey was like and her awesome outlook on creating work.  

Big Takeaway:  Artists often get just as nervous to perform for 3 people as they do for 25,000 – or Rianjali does at least!  

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