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In Good Company - New Conservatory Theatre Center EPISODE 5, 16th September 2020
Episode 5: "Sheltering in Place" by Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder

Episode 5: "Sheltering in Place" by Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder

San Francisco is officially locked down, CJ is living at the theatre and Kaiser the Playwright  has moved in with Javier.  Can the theatre survive?  Will a romance bloom?  Listen for what happens next in Episode 5!

In Good Company is presented by New Conservatory Theatre Center. Learn more about the show and donate to support this work and other programming while our theatre doors are closed at NCTCSF.ORG.

The In Good Company Writers: Jewelle Gomez, Eric Reyes Loo, Laurel Ollstein, Tim Pinckney, and Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder.

Director: NCTC Founder and Artistic Director Ed Decker.

Cast: Toni Lynn Guidry (Narrator), James Arthur M. (Andre / Dugie / Jasmine), Chris Morrell (Skip Markley / Brick / Manicurist / Skateboarder / TV Newscaster), James Aaron Oh (Kaiser the Playwright), Desiree Rogers (Lola Grant / Frannie), Elena Ruggiero (Bridget / Gaby), Chris Steele (Constance / CJ), Vaho (Javier / Dr. Sorenson / YouTube Knitter).

Sound design: Kalon Thibodeaux.

Special thanks to Louis Durra for the use of "Ain't She Something" from his Chromakey album.

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