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Bridging the Gap with Danny Holloway
Episode 185th April 2024 • The Conduit • Crewest Studio + Danube Productions
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In this episode of The Conduit, we have a wonderful interview with Danny Holloway! Danny has had an amazing and winding road through the world of music, and during our conversation, he shares many stories about industry legends, his personal evolution, and the turning points he encountered. Danny is a former employee of Island Records, he also wrote for NME and is a DJ and record collector extraordinaire. For the most part, Danny has allowed his passion for music and creativity to guide his choices.

After being born on the West Coast, Danny chose to move to the UK and pursue his dreams of working in the music industry. He connected with Island Records head Chris Blackwell, and the rest was history, as he went on to work with Bob Marley, make multiple trips to Jamaica, and help bring reggae to a transatlantic audience. Danny then tells us about the journalism work that kickstarted things for him, and how and why he decided to return to the US with his family.

Our guest explains that from a young age, he knew that he wanted to be a part of the world of music, even when his days in bands didn’t seem to lead anywhere in particular, and his story is a great example of using a passion and tenacity to find the right space to inhabit. We also spend some time musing on the changes in the world over the last decades, with Danny commenting on materialism and fame, and how he compares today's stars with the icons of the '60s and '70s. So if you want to hear all about an incredible career in the creative world, be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

•   Danny talks about his early years, family life, and first memories of falling in love with music.

•   Moving to the UK, music journalism, and finding a home at Island Records.

•   Time in the studio, learning about mastering, and working with Bob Marley.

•   Danny unpacks his role at Island Records and the challenges of working with different artists.

•   Interesting interviews and assignments that Danny had while in Jamaica in the 1970s.

•   Bringing reggae to the American market; Danny talks about some of the goals at Island Records.

•   The story of the Witchseason Productions label and some of the folk artists around that time.   

•   Leaving Island Records, returning to LA, and starting afresh.

•   Danny's DJing career and his work with Dublab radio.

•   Putting out compilations and rare and varied records that people haven't heard!

•   Some thoughts on money, materialism, and the idolization of certain historical figures.

•   Soul music and popularity; how the mainstream found the roots of emotive music again. 


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