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The 1% Life - Joanie Dhillon 16th November 2020
158: Are You Wired to Win?
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158: Are You Wired to Win?

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This episode is for you...

  • There’s a desire in you to up-level your sales and begin to sell bigger deals more consistently.
  • You want to breakthrough to that next level of success.
  • You want a competitive advantage over your peers to produce more…
  • You want to serve greater and create greater impact in the world.


  • Mastermind with top performing athletes. They all had 1 thing in common. They were wired to win...
  • Different thinking than the masses.
  • There was an expectation they were going to win.
  • They did the thing even when it was tough and they battled through the suck.
  • They embraced the fear and did it anyway. 
  • They each had very specific morning rituals that primed their mind to win.
  • They were obsessed with personal growth and self development.
  • They each had a high performance necessity. Need to perform. 


  • Be around other top 1%’ers and those who have the drive to get there and will do whatever it takes.
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