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The 1% Life - Joanie Dhillon 25th January 2021
161: Win With What You’ve Got…From Near Collapse to Making the Inc. 5000 w/ Matan Gavish
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161: Win With What You’ve Got…From Near Collapse to Making the Inc. 5000 w/ Matan Gavish

I have a strong feeling that today's episode will not only blow your mind, but will leave you feeling completely inspired to get out of your own way and to achieve the impossible.

My guest today is Matan Gavish and he is the founder and CEO of a company called Fit Hit, which made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the U S for 2020.

Matan holds a BA from Columbia university and is a former special ops soldier and Krav Maga combat fitness officer in the Israeli Defense Forces after training thousands of special ops soldiers, US Navy seals, NYPD, pro athletes, security teams, and decades of working shoulder to shoulder with the best in the world.

Matan believes that empowerment through training is the key to success, not just in violent situations, but in dealing with any curve ball life throws our way. Fit Hit guides ordinary men and women to tap into their potential, develop a healthy lifestyle, enjoy customized nutrition, strength and flexibility programs wrapped in powerful habit-building curriculum, all while learning how to handle themselves in uncomfortable situations.

Matan's business was hit hard overnight in the current pandemic and he had to make significant and an immediate pivot. His story is one of resilience and perseverance.

About the guest:

A former Krav Maga officer for a special-ops unit in the Israeli Defense Forces in charge of training Krav Maga, Close Combat, and Counter-Terrorism to hundreds of Special Ops soldiers, Matan Gavish has trained US Navy Seals, US Army Rangers and is actively working with NYPD Tactical Training Unit in design, practice and implementation of Krav Maga to the New York Police Academy.

Matan believes that empowerment through training is key to success not only in violent situations but in any stressful curveball life may throw our way. Building a strong and sharp mind along with a strong body is one of the elements most emphasized in Matan’s training. In additions to Krav Maga, Matan holds 8 fitness certificates and has a BA from Columbia University in NYC.

-What led Matan to the Israeli special forces...03:01

-Experiences from the military background that has prepared him for his career today...04:30

-21 years old, $700 in his pocket, fresh off the boat in America...11:45

-Matan's business pre-covid, and how the American dream has been upended...13:00

-Teaching women who hate violence to embrace violence...19:30

-Grand opening party right before being shut down due to covid...26:05

-Pivoting to an online platform for the business...30:15

-What made Matan's business better than what he had before...37:45

-Creating community to keep clients motivated and accountable w/ an online platform...42:13

-Why it's more difficult to attract women to Matan's platform than men...47:30

-How to get started w/ Fit Hit...52:50

-Matan's vision for the future...55:57

-The moment Matan embraced the abundance mentality...01:01:50

-Advice for those who are feeling hopeless...01:06:00

-And much more!

To speak with a Fit Hit coach to see if this program is for you: https://linktr.ee/Matangavish

Follow Matan Gavish on Instagram at @matansmethod

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