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Ahsoka Part 5 "Shadow Warrior" & Part 6 "Far, Far Away" Review
Episode 423rd September 2023 • Ahsoka Review Podcast • Garry Aylott & Mark Asquith - Nerd Podcasts Network
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Hey, Ahsoka fan and welcome to Episode 4.

Another double-part review this week as we dive into the "big" one, you know the one that was in the cinema, and the latest part in this week's Ahsoka Review Podcast. We cut through the hype and excitement to see if these episodes really did deliver or left us feeling underwhelmed.

About The Ahsoka Review Podcast

Welcome to Ahsoka Review Podcast , where we explore and discuss all the latest episodes, characters, and plot twists from the hit Disney+ series Ahsoka.

We are your hosts, Garry and Mark and every single Saturday we release a brand-new episode where we break down each episode of Ahsoka, giving you our thoughts and score.

Don't you guys do the Spark of Rebellion podcast?

We do! When we're not reviewing one of the Star Wars Disney+ shows, we drop a new episode every Saturday bringing you the latest Star Wars news, reviews and discussion from a galaxy far, far away.

Search for Spark of Rebellion in your preferred podcast app ( or check out the website (

Now, go explore and as always... this is the way.


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