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19: Mansata Kurang on virtual reality in mental health
Episode 1916th March 2021 • Innovating Humanity • Jude Jennison
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Mansata Kurang is the founder of VR Revival, a company helping underrepresented Adults, particularly from the black and Caribbean communities, in mental health using Self-Compassion Virtual Reality technology, as well as Psychology and Story Telling. We discuss the stigma of mental health in black communities and how using technology can make it easier to start the conversation and educate people in self-compassion.

Once again, I found myself drawn into the bigger purpose and mission behind what Mansata is doing. Her business uses technology to reach the black communities that might not otherwise engage in mental health but ultimately her business is about quality healthcare for underrepresented adults and her idea that we can be “good humans” as she puts it by developing self-compassion first, is both compelling, needed and grounded in academic rigour. 

The more I interview people on the intersection between technology and humanity, the more I realise that it’s down to us as human beings to consider how we use tech to solve the problems in the world. I think that’s exciting.

What’s the problem you are solving in the world? How do you make your work purposeful and meaningful? in partnership with


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